Tushar Atre Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Cause of Death, Fast Facts

Tushar Atre Wiki, Biography

The gruesome Tushar Atre kidnapping and murder case will be revisited and explored in the new 48 Hour Season 18 episode of Investigation Discovery. The episode will premiere on Monday, January 9, 2023 at 10 p.m. m. ET in Investigation Discovery. The synopsis for the episode titled Who Shot the Tech Exec. Posted by 48 Hours says:

Successful tech executive turned cannabis entrepreneur Tushar Atre was found stabbed and shot at his cannabis farm in the Santa Cruz Mountains; Tracy Smith investigates his kidnapping and murder and follows the trail that led to four suspects.”

Tushar Atre’s precious life ended in October 2019, when intruders kidnapped him from his home in Santa Cruz and inhumanely murdered him.

Tushar Atre was a 50-year-old entrepreneur and technology executive.

Tushar Atre, a tech millionaire, was reportedly the CEO and founder of AtreNet Inc., a Santa Cruz-based digital marketing agency. He had also started a relatively new business of working with and producing medicinal cannabis products. His firm was located on Soquel San Jose Road in Santa Cruz.

Tushar, 50, also had a girlfriend, Rachael Emerlye, who was his business partner. According to reports, Atre seemed to have a rich and happy life. However, everything changed in October 2019, when he was brutally murdered.

Atre was kidnapped from his house in Santa Cruz

Atre was kidnapped from his house on the beach in Santa Cruz by intruders who broke in around 2:45 am. Surveillance footage showed three men breaking into Atre’s home, one carrying a duffel bag and another carrying a rifle.

As recovered from surveillance footage, the 50-year-old man was chased by one of the men. The men then forced him into his girlfriend’s white BMW SUV, and soon after drove off with Atre.

Atre’s remains were found near the premises of his cannabis business.

Authorities discovered Tushar’s unrecognizable remains along with the white BMW SUV near Soquel San Jose Road in the Santa Cruz Mountains, where his cannabis business was located.

On October 2, 2019, authorities revealed the body to be Atre’s. According to medical reports, Atre was viciously stabbed multiple times before being shot in the back of the head with a pistol.

Four men are accused of the kidnapping and murder of Atre

Stephen Nicolas Lindsay, Kaleb Charters, Joshua Camps and Kurtis Charters were arrested by Santa Cruz authorities on seven charges, including first degree robbery, murder, second degree robbery, kidnapping, auto theft, first degree robbery and kidnapping for commit another crime

Kaleb Charters and Stephen Nicolas Lindsay are former Atre employees, who used to work at their commercial cannabis facility for about two weeks. During their brief time at the facility, Atre reportedly forced them to do push-ups as punishment for something work-related.

Joshua Camps is a friend of Kaleb Charters, while Kurtis Charters is Kaleb’s brother. Both were also allegedly involved in the kidnapping and inhumane murder case.

Four of the defendants are awaiting trial.

Stephen Nicolas Lindsay is currently 24 years old, Kaleb Charters is 21, Kurtis Charters is 23, and Joshua Camps is 25.

The four were reportedly denied bail by a judge in 2020 and have since pleaded not guilty. They are currently being held and awaiting trial at the Santa Cruz County Jail on Water Street.

Don’t forget to catch 48 Hours Season 18 Episode 25, coming to Investigation Discovery this Monday, January 9, 2023 at 10:00 PM. m. ET, exclusively on Investigation Discovery.

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