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Claire Danes Wiki, Biography

Claire Danes, 43, and her husband Hugh Dancy are set to become parents to another child. The duo recently revealed the news in an interview with People. Danes was recently nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her performance in the FX miniseries on Hulu, Fleishman Is in Trouble.

Danes and Dancy are the parents of two children. The eldest, Cyrus, was born in 2012, and the second, Rowan, was born in 2018. While speaking to the Evening Standard in 2013, Dancy, 47, opened up about adjusting to her daily life with marriage, parenthood and work. and said ,

“If Hannibal shows up again, [Claire’s and my] schedules will overlap in a couple of months. Which would mean that I could be with her or she with me, or neither of us would be working, and there would be a period in which we would have to travel.

During an FYC event for Homeland in 2018, Danes opened up about her experience getting pregnant for the first time. She said that it was her eighth month and that she was still working before that.

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy met while filming Evening in 2006.

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy first met in 2006 while working on the drama film Evening. In an interview with Marie Claire, Danes said that she was single at the time and that she and Dancy developed a close friendship with each other. She continued,

“[Hugh and I] met in Rhode Island when it was at its most daringly beautiful, in the fall. And there was one day when we were riding our bikes by the water and it was bright and idyllic, and I had this silly epiphany, like, ‘I’m really happy.'”

The two were seen together at a show organized by the Afghan Hands Foundation in June 2007 and at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. The couple got engaged in 2009 and married that same year. Claire’s wedding dress was designed by Narciso Rodríguez.

Speaking about her marriage in 2012, Claire said that she feels safe with Hugh and that her mother told her that a long marriage can always work out. She continued,

“My parents have been together since they were 18 years old, so I am privileged to have them as role models. I like marriage. I feel very secure. It helps when you are in love with the person you are married to. Sometimes I look at him and think: ‘You are really handsome. He keeps me sane and happy.”

Claire Danes began her career in her teens

Claire Danes began her career as a teenager. She initially became popular for playing Angela Chase on the 1994 ABC series, My So-Called Life.

She made her feature film debut with Little Women and has since appeared in movies like How to Make an American Quilt, Romeo + Juliet, The Rainmaker, Les Miserables, Shopgirl, and more. She is also famous for playing different roles on stage.

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