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Did Sean Palmieri send threat text to Tyler Stanaland? ‘Selling the OC’ star’s supportive women troupe feels ‘betrayed’ after startling revelation

The last episode began with the men of ‘Selling the OC’, Gio, Tyler, and Austin, at the golf court when Tyler shared with them the screenshot of the chat with Sean. He showed that Sean had sent him a threatening text following their altercation. In the screenshot, Sean’s message was clear and aggressive, indicating a heated exchange between them.

In the text, Sean had written how he was not finished with Tyler and that he can’t run away from him. “You think you can throw me into the fire you started and fabricate lies about me for speaking the truth? You will see. Truth always wins my friend. You are a rat,” he said.

Tyler accused Sean of sending him an ominous threat text, which Gio found crazy, and dubbed him a lunatic for doing it. This set the tone for the rest of the episode, as the confrontation between Sean and Tyler reached a critical point at the end of the season.

‘Selling the OC’ star Sean Palmieri reveals ‘love you’ texts from Tyler Stanaland

After days of remaining silent following the altercation between Austin and Sean, Sean finally gathered the courage to approach Alex Jarvis in the last episode. He revealed texts he received from Tyler during their friendship, suggesting that Tyler was hitting on him and confessing to having a crush on him, although he denies it now.

Sean showed Jarvis the long texts Tyler would send him, complete with heart emojis and expressions like “love you big time,” which startled the ladies. “If we’re not friends why you sending me screenshots on the day she dumped you?” Sean said in one of his revelations to Jarvis. Sean also revealed receiving gifts, particularly alcohol from Tyler quite often, all of which led him into thinking that he was interested in him.

Sean reveals texts from Tyler (@Netflix)
Sean Palmieri reveals texts from Tyler (@Netflix)

Kayla feels ‘betrayed’ by ‘Selling the OC’ star Sean Palmieri

During their big confrontation in the last episode, Kayla recalled how Sean had previously confided in her about Austin and his wife inviting him over for dinner where they served him edibles. However, Sean vehemently denied this during the confrontation, which shocked Kayla. She felt betrayed and lost trust in Sean after this incident, as she believed he was lying to her.

Left shocked, Kayla later took to her confessionals to share the shock she felt, saying, “Now I’m questioning everything. At this point, I don’t trust Sean. I feel betrayed.”

Kayla is shocked after Sean is caught lying (@Netflix)
Kayla is shocked after Sean Palmieri is caught lying (@Netflix)

Season 3 of ‘Selling the OC’ will premiere with eight episodes on May 3 on Netflix.