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Who is Alex Hall dating? ‘Selling the OC’ agent jets off to Italy with new beau as Tyler Stanaland wishes to rekindle

During a conversation with Rose and Polly in ‘Selling the OC’ Season 3, Alex Hall opened up about her recent dating experiences, revealing that she had been seeing a new man who could potentially become her boyfriend. However, when it came to discussing her relationship status with Tyler, things weren’t going smoothly. Alex admitted that she was not willing to invest further in a relationship that wasn’t working out well for her. After experiencing multiple heartbreaks and divorces, she expressed her desire to find something that would allow her wounds to heal, indicating a need for a more fulfilling and supportive relationship.

Talking about her new man, Alex opened up stating he was a global marketing head for TikTok and that they spent a good time together in Las Vegas, and even ended up calling him an “alpha” guy. As Polly and Rose began teasing her, Alex had to intervene saying how she was currently navigating a long-distance relationship with him as he was in London and revealed the idea of flying to Italy to meet him soon.

However, in the last episode, Tyler revealed his emotions to Alex, sharing how he truly cared for her and feared losing her. Admitting that they were more than just ‘friends’, Tyler asked Alex not to go to Italy to meet her new man, however, Alex is seen leaving him at the end of the season.

‘Selling the OC’ star Tyler Stanaland had ‘blocked’ Alex Hall

During the Season 7 reunion of ‘Selling Sunset’, Alex joined her OC colleagues Polly Brindle, Gio Helou, and Brandi Marshall. Host Tan France delved into Alex’s relationship with Tyler, revealing some troubling news. After sharing a kiss on the Season 2 finale of ‘Selling the OC,’ Alex and Tyler’s relationship status remained ambiguous. Despite stating they were just navigating their friendship post-season, recent events suggest otherwise.

In a September Instagram live video, Alex and Tyler appeared friendly, but Alex disclosed that Tyler had unexpectedly blocked her on Instagram and cut her out of his life entirely.

When Tan asked if Alex knew about Tyler leaving the brokerage, she admitted she had no idea until he was already gone. Feeling blindsided, Alex expressed confusion and a desire for closure, indicating she believed Tyler’s actions were unjustified.

Tyler Stanaland 'blocked' and 'excommunicated' 'Selling the OC' costar, Alex Hall (YouTube/Netflix)
Tyler Stanaland ‘blocked’ Alex Hall (YouTube/@Netflix)

Tyler Stanaland joins father’s company after leaving ‘Selling the OC’

In October 2023, Tyler made the decision to leave the Oppenheim Group and transition to Douglas Elliman Real Estate, where he would be working alongside his father, John Stanaland. This move was confirmed by Jason Oppenheim, and Tyler’s profile is no longer visible online.

According to Tyler, while leaving the Oppenheim Group was difficult, he believed it was the best choice for both himself and his clients. Joining Douglas Elliman meant aligning with a brand known for its extensive reach and influence in the market, boasting a reputable network of agents and industry leaders. He explained that the show primarily focuses on agents from the Oppenheim Group, and now that he’s with Douglas Elliman, his future involvement in the series is uncertain.

John Stanaland asks 'Selling the OC' agent Tyler Stanaland to leave 'office drama' (Netflix)
Tyler Stanaland leaves ‘Selling the OC’ (@Netflix)