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Did Ali Harper get real estate license? Jason Oppenheim questions ‘Selling the OC’ agent’s commitment to industry

In Season 3 of ‘Selling the OC’, Ali Harper appeared to be having difficulty getting traction in the real estate industry, which made things seem a little painful. Jason Oppenheim persuaded Gio Helou to let Ali sit for him at his $15 million listing open house, just so Ali could brush up on her skills.

Ali was eventually pulled in after much hesitation, which was difficult for the newcomer. Her first open house turned out to be a complete failure—from not knowing how to handle a large number of people at once to not being able to respond to inquiries regarding the house and the sale.

'Selling the OC's Ali Harper messes her first open house listed at $15 million (Netflix)
Selling the OC’s Ali Harper messes her first open house listed at $15 million (Netflix)

Jason had to put Ali through a brief test the next day at work, which swiftly backfired on the new agent. Jason asked Ali, “Do you think that you have a passion for real estate? You serious about this?”

Jason is dubious despite Ali’s attempts to persuade him of her sacrifices in order to be there and instead wants her to have “an understanding of, like, real-world experience.”

He stated that he needed assurances that Ali would be capable of representing buyers and sellers in a sufficient and expert manner. He says, “Your business card has your name and my name.”

He informed Ali that she was going to be working from a “very coveted desk here, so pass your test and start producing.”

Ali Harper, an ambitious Oppenheim Group agent, is still establishing her footing in the Newport Beach market. As she previously told Tudum, obtaining a real estate license in California is more of a marathon than a sprint, but she has made significant progress recently.

“I’m just waiting on the California Department of Real Estate to accept my application to actually take the exam, but the 135 hours [of prelicensing courses] are done,” she said. “I have my certificate. I’m so excited to move forward.”

'Selling the OC's Jason Oppenheim disappointed with Ali Harper's debut open House (Netflix)
Selling the OC’s Jason Oppenheim disappointed with Ali Harper’s debut open House (Netflix)

Who is ‘Selling the OC’ agent Ali Harper?

Ali, who was born and raised in Tennessee, proudly refers to herself as a “unicorn” since “no one is from Nashville anymore that actually lives there.” After graduating from the University of Mississippi and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with degrees in broadcast media and communications, Ali set her sights on dominating the pageant world.

Within a few years, she won the title of Miss Tennessee USA in 2018 and finished in the top ten in Miss USA, all while working various jobs. After all, it’s in her blood; her mother was also a previous Miss Tennessee.

Don’t be fooled by the beauty queen’s appearance. “I don’t wear makeup. I have my hair in a bun, and I wear the same workout outfit every day,” she adds.

“I’m a homegrown, everyday girl that you see at the grocery store. That really is who I am. I enjoy spending time at home, being with my boyfriend, and going out for a cocktail at someone’s house. But, when it comes down to it, I’m a homebody.”

As an only child, her life revolves around family and faith. She continues, “I love the Lord. I’m a Christian, and that is the reason why I’m here, 100%.”

Before arriving in Newport Beach, Ali claims she worked on freelance real estate projects and pursued her passion for cooking. Her boyfriend’s regular business trips to Orange County provided her with an opportunity she couldn’t pass up.

Alexandra Harper, a newcomer, has joined the 'Selling the OC' cast this season! (Instagram/alexandra__harper)
Alexandra Harper, a newcomer, has joined the ‘Selling the OC’ cast this season! (Instagram/alexandra__harper)

Who is ‘Selling the OC’ agent Ali Harper dating?

Ali has been going through some highs and lows at home. Her boyfriend, Lucas England, and she recently got engaged. However, Ali claims that recently, “a lot of complicated health issues” have been taking up her attention.

“It’s been kind of a journey over the last few months, but I am really thankful that I’m feeling better,” she adds, “We have some answers, and I am just really happy for the support that I’ve gotten.”

Who is Lucas England?

From the time Ali enters the OC scene, it’s evident that she’s accompanied by her now-fiance, Lucas. While her home base is still in Nashville, Ail may continue a real estate career with The Oppenheim Group because England “has to fly into Orange County every single Monday for work.”

The couple has been together for some years, and Ali just announced that they are engaged. As Ali settles into her new work, the pair intends to divide their time for the foreseeable future.

“I was just living in Laguna Beach for about three and a half months, and from there I moved back to Nashville, but I will be coming back and forth to both places.”

'Selling the OC's Ali Harper got engaged to boyfriend of two years, Lucas England (Instagram/alexandra__harper)
‘Selling the OC’s Ali Harper got engaged to boyfriend of two years, Lucas England (Instagram/alexandra__harper)

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