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Ron Tomich Wiki, Biography

On February 14, 2003, Ron Tomich of Indiana was found dead in the kitchen of his home. They shot him in the head. While it took time, the investigation eventually revealed the culprit to be Tomich’s wife, Constance. Although she wasn’t the one who pulled the trigger, it was the mastermind behind the murder.

Tomich’s story, which rocked the city of Sandia, Indiana, was detailed in the latest episode of Oxygen’s series Snapped, which aired at 5 p.m. m. of January 16. The official synopsis for the episode read:

“The peace of an Indiana town is disrupted on Valentine’s Day 2003, when police receive a report of a violent murder.”

The Ron Tomich Murder Mystery: 5 Byte-Sized Facts About The Case

1) Tomich Didn’t Support Alyssa’s Affair With Aaron

Although Tomich’s family seemed happy on the surface, there were several problems lurking on the inside. What seemed to be the trigger for this broken family was Alyssa’s affair with Aaron. Alyssa was Tomich’s stepdaughter and he wasn’t very supportive of her relationship.

To prevent the two from seeing each other frequently, he implemented strict house rules and even forbade Alyssa from using the phone or the Internet. He also had the problem that his wife was too friendly with his daughter.

2) Connie was dating Tomich’s co-worker behind his back

While Tomich was away for work, her wife began dating Roger, the same man her husband appointed to take care of the family in her absence.

When Tomich sensed that Aaron and Alyssa’s relationship was growing stronger, he decided to return home. However, this created a bigger problem for his wife than for his daughter, leading the former to begin planning the murder of her husband. Investigations also revealed that Connie initially wanted to poison Tomich.

3) Connie had asked Aaron to kill Tomich

As part of her plan, Connie asked Alyssa’s boyfriend Aaron to carry out the murder, but he refused to do so. However, since he was aware of the plan, he was not allowed to escape at all. While Connie was convicted of the murder, Aaron received six months of probation.

4) Alyssa’s friend Melissa pulled the trigger

When all of her plans to kill Tomich failed, Connie decided to use Alyssa’s friend Melissa to carry out the inhumane act.

Melissa confessed to the police that Connie had manipulated her into killing Tomich. Connie told her stories about how Tomich often abused her. The 16-year-old also claimed that Tomich provoked her by implementing strict rules for Alyssa in the house. On February 14, she pulled the trigger on Tomich. The first shot missed but the subsequent ones did not miss.

5) Connie was sentenced to 85 years in prison

Melissa and Alyssa caved in to the pressure and confessed to the police what had happened. Melissa told the police that she was the one who pulled the trigger on Connie’s instructions.

Connie was sentenced to 85 years in prison and is currently serving her sentence at the Indiana Maximum Security Prison for Women in Indianapolis.

Melissa was sentenced to 20 years in prison, plus 10 on probation. She is currently on probation and lives a happy family life, trying to forget the memories of the horrible event. Alyssa has not been in contact with the media since the incident. She was granted full immunity.