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Melissa Zitterman Wiki, Biography

Ron Tomich, 55, was shot in the head on February 14, 2003 in the town of Sandia, Indiana. He was found dead in the kitchen. Ron’s wife, Constance Tomich, was found guilty of murder as the mastermind, although she was not the one who pulled the trigger on Ron. Connie manipulated and used her daughter’s friend, Melissa Zitterman, to carry out the heinous crime.

Zitterman is currently on probation after serving 10 years behind bars. She completed her IT management degree and is currently married and living a happy family life.

The details of this chilling case will be uncovered on Oxygen Snapped’s true crime series at 5 p.m. m. of January 16.

This is the synopsis of the case:

The peace of an Indiana town is disrupted on Valentine’s Day 2003 when police received a report of a violent murder.

Read on to find out how Ron was killed, why Melissa Zitterman carried out the gruesome act, and more.

Ron was living a happily married life.

What seemed to emerge was that Ron was living a happily married life, but in reality, his marriage was falling apart. The trigger seemed to be his stepdaughter Alyssa’s affair with a guy named Aaron, of whom Ron didn’t approve.

Ron implemented strict house rules and allowed Alyssa to use her phone or her internet. He wanted to cut off any means of communication Alyssa might have with Aaron.

Connie, on the other hand, wasn’t so against the relationship. In fact, she was friends with her daughter about it, which Ron had a problem with.

Connie started an affair with Ron’s coworker.

While Ron was away from home at work, Connie began an affair with Roger, Ron’s co-worker. After Alyssa’s affair with Aaron got out of Ron’s control with him away from home, she decided to move back.

Connie realized that if Ron returned, her relationship with Roger would be affected, so she hatched a plan to save her relationship. She decided to get rid of Ron permanently.

Connie manipulated Melissa with stories about Ron

Melissa Zitterman, who had nothing to do with Ron, was triggered when Connie told her stories about what an abusive husband Ron was. Zitterman was also angry that he had forbidden her friend Alyssa from using the Internet or the phone.

After being emotionally manipulated to the core, Zitterman decided to help Connie and on February 14, Melissa killed Ron by shooting him in the head.

Connie faced 85 years in prison

Despite Melissa being the one who pulled the trigger, Connie faced the maximum sentence as she was the mastermind behind the conspiracy.

Connie was sentenced to 85 years in prison, while Melissa received 20 years in prison and 10 years of probation. She is currently on probation. Connie is serving her sentence at the maximum-security Indiana Women’s Prison in Indianapolis.

Roger was put under the lens but was ultimately relieved.

Connie’s boyfriend Roger was also under suspicion but was relieved when he provided an alibi. Connie had also asked Alyssa’s boyfriend, Aaron, to help her kill her husband, but Aaron was self-conscious enough to refuse her.

Connie had tried to manipulate him by telling him how easy it would be for him to get close to Alyssa with Ron out of the picture.