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American rapper 21 Savage recently lost his cool on the Clubhouse audio platform. The rapper got into a heated disagreement with someone on the social media app and was heard asking the person to “shut the fuck up.”

It’s unclear what the argument was about, but this isn’t the first time the rapper has gotten into a fight on the app. In an audio clip of the discussion that has now gone viral, 21 Savage can be heard saying:

“You waited for this moment your whole life, so you could argue with a nigga in the Clubhouse. You keep letting all these Chicago niggas hold your head, like all you niggas ain’t dying in real life. Quit playing.”

The rapper was then asked what he would do with his team’s losses, to which he replied:

“Every nigga we fight, 30 of them niggas get smoked and nothing happens to us. In real life. It’s real life.

He added:

“Yeah, chap, you’re from Chicago. I advise you to shut your mouth. Because the niggas I fuck up there spank me, so stop playing. Don’t do it.” spank nothing, nigga.”

When another member of the app tried to counter his claims, the rapper repeatedly said:

“You will die.”

However, netizens were not surprised by the rapper’s sudden outburst, with one Twitter user saying:

Netizens React To 21 Savage’s Outburst At Clubhouse

Fans on social media endorsed 21 Savage, noting that it’s not surprising there are snitches online. Some said that social media would hide his favorite people.

21 Savage frequents the clubhouse

This isn’t the first time 21 has appeared on the app. Last month, the Her Loss rapper served as a mediator when Meek Mill and Akademics got into an argument.

In a leaked clip, 21 Savage can be heard saying:

“We all play a role in the way things are today because all the people who benefit from that. You just gotta start showing that you give a fuck and you wanna change too, ’cause a nigga like me, I could rap about what I rap about and never do anything and say, “Man I don’t” I don’t give a fuck, what whatever,’ and just live my life.”

He further said:

“But I have a heart, brother. And at the end of the day, I know you have a heart because I know you… let’s try to do better. We’re not telling you to stop posting complaints… you’re not starting complaints, you’re just putting a light on complaints that don’t need a light on.”
In early November, the rapper spoke in a Clubhouse room and called Nas irrelevant. The rapper first asked the room what his definition of relevant was after the release of his latest album, King’s Disease III. 21 Savage could be heard saying:

“I don’t feel like it’s relevant. I don’t feel like Nas is relevant.”

Later, the rapper went back on his words and even collaborated with Nas for the song One Mic, One Gun.

The rapper had also clashed with the Clubhouse Wack 100 member and rap manager for calling him a snitch. When asked why 21 was angry, he replied:

“You’re calling me a snitch, man. Bro, you’re on the internet saying you think I’m an informant. Come on, man.”

However, Wack 100 denied 21’s claims, stating that he did not say anything about the rapper.