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Phi Nhung Wiki – Phi Nhung Biography

Phi Nhung was a Vietnamese-American singer who specialized in Dan Ca and Tru Tinh music. He sang for Paris By Night and Van Son and also acted in their plays and in the production of Tinh. He had also recorded music for Lang Van. He performed various duets with singer Mạnh Quỳnh throughout his career.

In October 1989, Phi Nhung immigrated to the United States as part of her immigration policy toward Amerasian war descendants. He moved to Tampa, Florida, where he met Trizzie Phuong Trinh, a famous Vietnamese-American singer at a temple benefit concert. Recognizing her talent, Trizzie advised Phi Nhung to go to California to pursue his dreams. Because she was late to this country, she was very indecisive. In 1993, he moved to Orange County, California.

Her first stage appearance of hers turned out to be unspectacular, which made her want to give up her dreams of becoming a singer. Fortunately, thanks to the support of singer Huong Lan, Phi Nhung has decided to pursue his career as far as possible.

Phi Nhung began to gain popularity after his duet “Que River 1” with the famous singer Thai Châu on Hollywood Night 15, after which he made a debut CD with the voices of two great singers and the American Huyen Vu Tuan. In a recent interview, Phi Nhung had confided that to succeed in the music industry, he risked heavy sweating, crying to practice the profession, as well as having to sell a CD on his own and sing in music bars.

Starting in 2005, Phi Nhung returned to Vietnam to perform, where his popularity began to rise. Besides singing, he has had film roles, acted as a drama artist, comedian, and MC. When he was in the United States, he performed with CarbonWorks, a musical group founded by Neal Barnard, who also founded the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

In 2014, Phi Nhung accepted an invitation to become a judge for the reality show in search of musical and lyrical talent Solo Bolero 2014. With affectionate, meticulous commentary, and reasonable music levels, Phi Nhung got both contestants and the audience they will love and admire. In 2015, she accepted the invitation to become a guest judge for Phi Nhung of the Southern Star program in 2015 (Final Jury Exam 5 Night), and this time she has successfully completed the role of keeping the weight gain level. She subsequently she also appeared in the role of judge for the 2015 season of Bolero 2 Solo.

Phi Nhung Age

Phạm Phi Nhung was 51 years old.


He has a daughter, Wendy Pham, who is currently 29 years old. Phi Nhung’s daughter, currently residing in the United States, has been monitoring her mother’s health, writing on her personal page: “I would like to thank everyone for your concern and encouragement for me and my family. I am really touched by the affection. Everyone, but I’m pretty busy right now and can’t answer calls or messages. Please pray for my mother. ”

Phi Nhung Cause of Death

After battling Covid-19 and being treated by doctors at Cho Ray Hospital, singer Phi Nhung did not survive. She took her last breath at noon on September 28, 2021. The singer’s departure saddened the artist’s world. On social media, many Vietnamese stars expressed shock and grief upon hearing the bad news.

A close friend of Phi Nhung, supermodel Xuan Lan, published an article: “The person who lies motionless without complaining about dying in the apartment. A corner of heaven, people still sitting, a petty life. Please be careful ”.

Singer Dan Truong wrote, “When I heard that Phi Nhung had just passed away, Dan Truong couldn’t believe it, thinking that Nhung was about to come back… how could that be, Nhung? Rest in peace, Nhung will live forever in this life. Everyone’s heart. My condolences to the Phi Nhung family. “Actor Nhat Kim Anh, actor Nam Thu, singer Duong Trieu Vu … and many artists also expressed shock, not believing that singer Phi Nhung was gone. For more details, watch the video.

Interviewed by the news that Vietnamese singer Phi Nhung passed away after her battle with COVID-19. I was lucky to have played for her in concert. Her voice was the sound of angels. Her work with orphanages and temples did not go unnoticed. She will be missed. RIP 😢💔

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