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Gage Turner of Palmyra NY died in the Gage Motocross Accident and passed away after sustaining serious injuries to his body that were so deep and with excessive bleeding from his body, he lost his life and leaves the world leaving many of the memories and the moments you spent with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Turner’s Death is declared by Shannon Richardson, who puts a story on her official Snapchat where she paid tribute to his best friend for his sudden disappearance and wrote a long caption to respect and honor him. The post was shared many times on Facebook because she also shared the story on her official social media account, where it goes viral and collects many reactions and responses from users.

Gage Turner Age

Gage Turner’s age is unknown.

Gage Turner Cause of Death

Gage lost his life after sustaining serious injuries from internal bleeding. The accident occurred on Sunday, September 26. The season has come to an end for us. We can’t thank all of our supporters enough! Mother nature was on our side for each race and the riders never let us down.

This last race came with a pretty heavy heart with the Blake and Elward family on our minds. The weekend didn’t fail to put a little more weight on either. We are thinking and praying for Brad’s successful surgeries and a speedy recovery! Our hearts go out to the family of Gage Turner. The motocross community has taken a pretty big hit this month and these riders and their families need the extra support so reach out ya’ll. Just a friendly message or call will go a long way folks.

Again, thank you to all who have given a hand around the track! Our weekends wouldn’t be what they are without each of you. We will keep every one up to date throughout the off-season as we prepare for the 2022 season!

Photographers, be sure to share who you are and where to find your photos. We are happy to share your posts/links.
Thanks again for an awesome year guys!!!

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