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Lindsey Graham criticized a local gym in Goodyear, Arizona, for allowing Paul Bixler, a transgender member of the Liberty Elementary school board, to use the women’s locker room. The 41-year-old accused Bixler of entering the women’s locker room at Esporta, a gym, while she was half-naked and staring at her breasts.

Trigger Warning: This article contains mentions of transphobia and has details of a transgender person’s gender confusion. Discretion is Advised.

Lindsey Graham, a mother of three, is a conservative author and podcast host of Patriot Barbie. She shared a recording of Paul entering her women’s locker room on her Instagram, where she can be heard yelling:

“Why is no one warning the women? I hope no one is undressing in there.”

Graham reported the incident to the police, who reasoned that since she (Bixler) had buttock surgery, he was allowed to use her changing room. However, Graham claimed that the police were “forced to comply”.

Paul Bixler transitioned in 2017 after his wife’s death

Paul Bixler is a retired teacher and principal from Ohio. After a brief stint in the United States Navy and Marine Corps, he earned his college degree. He has dedicated most of his life to public education and retired in 2009.

In an interview with 12News, he explained that he came out of retirement after the pandemic to help bring “some stability” with his experience to the board. She was elected to serve on the school board in 2020.

The 72-year-old explained that as a child she always knew that she was different. She said her story was not that different from that of other transgender women. Bixler noted that she was pretty sure what her identity was when she was eleven or twelve years old. However, she also knew that society at the time was very conservative and believed that coming out would be too risky for her, both professionally and personally.

The former teacher met his wife, Candace, while she was working at Camelback High School. The couple were married for 36 years and have two children. Speaking of his wife, Bixler stated that his wife knew her identity, adding:

“But it was absolutely clear that it was awkward, and I didn’t want to risk that. I loved her more than me.”

Paul said that after his wife’s death from cancer in 2017, she first transitioned and now identifies as a woman. The teacher was happy to receive the support of her family, including her twin sister and her children.

Graham previously protested Paul Bixler for being part of the school board by dressing up as a cat.

Paul came out of retirement from him and was elected to the Liberty School Board in 2020 after the pandemic. She is scheduled to serve as a member until December 2024.

In December 2022, Lindsey Graham protested Paul Bixler’s membership on the board at a school meeting. Clad in a catsuit, she mocked the former director’s gender identity when Graham claimed he was a cat. Although she did not address Bixler by his name, she made it clear that she was referring to the principal. She stated:

“I’m a cat. Meow meow. I’m not a woman dressed as a cat. I’m a cat.”

The mother of three then asked everyone present if they thought he was a cat. When no one raised her hand, she explained that “truth prevails over imagination”, which is why she is a woman dressed and posing as a cat.

She confused the former teacher, claiming that Paul Bixler was “very clearly a man” and added that the only thing Bixler did to identify himself as a woman was put on lipstick. Graham also made some transphobic comments about Bixler’s appearance and clothing.

The incident prompted personal attacks from many within the community demanding the resignation of Bixler, who repeatedly misinterpreted her.

In her interview with 12News, a shocked and saddened Bixler commented:

“This is not a choice. I do not choose to be transgender.”

Paul Bixler has yet to comment on the incident. No charges were filed against her.