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Elliot Blair Wiki, Biography

A 33-year-old California attorney named Elliot Blair was allegedly murdered at a resort while vacationing in Mexico with his wife Kimberly Williams. Blair has been an Assistant Public Defender in Orange County since 2017. The tragic incident took place in Rosarito Beach on Saturday, January 14, 2023.

Authorities have yet to release many details about Elliot Blair’s death. However, a local media outlet revealed that Blaire’s cause of death was an accidental fall from a room at the resort where he was staying. The same has been reported by the LA Times.

A GoFundMe campaign was launched two days ago with the goal of raising $100,000 to provide financial aid to Elliot Blair’s wife, Kim. It has already collected donations of more than $101,500 from 900 people.

Elliot Blair was celebrating his first anniversary with his wife in Mexico

The Orange County Prosecutor passed away while at Las Rocas Resort in Mexico, celebrating his first anniversary with his wife Kimberly Williams. The tragic incident took place on January 14.

John Jenks, a private investigator and forensic addiction counselor who previously worked with Blair, stated:

“It was like a punch today when I found out about his [Elliot Blair’s] death. He knew the law, he was well prepared, his presentation in the courtroom was outstanding, down to earth, relatable, and he knew the cases inside and out.”

Jenks further told NBC Los Angeles:

“I don’t have words to express how bad I feel for his colleagues, for his wife, for his family… It’s just heartbreaking… Just a good, loving and compassionate man who really played an important role in people’s lives. that he represented.

According to Patrol 646, a Mexican website, Elliot Blair was intoxicated and accidentally fell from a balcony on the fourth floor of the Las Rocas Resort in Mexico.

The resort is close to the Baja California peninsula, which is located south of the northern border of the United States in Tijuana. One of Blair’s colleagues named Martin Schwarz told the Orange County Register:

“We have been in communication with the family and are doing everything we can to support them through this difficult time, including working with local and federal officials to help provide answers.”

Elliot Blair has been described as a “compassionate lawyer” who was one of the best in his field. Kate Corrigan, a former federal prosecutor who claimed to have known the couple, described the incident as “beyond tragic and devastating on so many levels.”

Elliot’s family believes he was “tragically murdered”

A colleague of the deceased, named Annie Rodriguez, started a GoFundMe campaign.

According to Rodriguez:

“Elliot was known as a patient and supportive advocate. He was the best of us and was loved by countless members of our office and the Orange County legal community. We are heartbroken.”

The GoFundMe post indicated that Elliot was murdered, however Mexican authorities have yet to share details about the case. Rodriguez mentioned that they believe Elliot was “the victim of a brutal crime.” The family is reportedly working alongside US officials to gather more details about the public defender’s tragic death.

The post mentioned:

“Elliot Blair and his wife, Kim, were in Rosarito, Mexico, celebrating their first wedding anniversary when Elliot was tragically murdered. He was the victim of a brutal crime.”

The GoFundMe further reads:

“Elliot is survived by his beautiful and loving wife Kim, his mother Stella Blair, his sister Candice Wilson, his nephew Samuel and all of his dear friends and loved ones. We are raising funds to help Kim with the cumbersome process involved in transporting Elliot’s body from Mexico to the US and dealing with all the red tape.”

Rodriguez then mentioned that the money would be transferred to Elliot Blair’s wife, Kimberly, to help with her finances. Many donors have written words of support for the family grieving the loss of Elliot.

One Susan Janowicz wrote:

“Our deepest condolences from all of us at East Lake Village. Elliot has had a positive impact on everyone.”

On Saturday, when police arrived on the scene, they found Elliot Blair lying unconscious on the ground face down. Paramedics arrived shortly thereafter and pronounced the public defender dead.

Although local media have stated that Blair was intoxicated and fell from a fourth-floor balcony, his family believes that he was the victim of a crime. More details are still awaited from the authorities on the case.