Corey Struve Talbott Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Height, Arrested, Fast Facts

Corey Struve Talbott Wiki, Biography

Corey Struve-Talbott, a YouTube influencer, was arrested on charges of public intoxication, trespassing, assault on a police officer, and resisting arrest on Sunday, January 15, 2023.

According to the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department, Corey attacked the deputy near Pebble Beach, California. It was also reported that Corey was drinking while celebrating his birthday at a bar near a California beach golf course.

When the influencer became aggressive and hostile, security asked her to return to her hotel room, which she refused, even kicking an officer when given a warning.

Corey and her husband Travis run a YouTube channel, “Trav and Cor,” which they launched in 2014. Their channel has more than 6 million subscribers on the platform.

Corey Struve-Talbott’s rep claimed the cops bruised her

According to police reports, Corey Struve got very drunk at The Lodge in Pebble Beach. When she started acting outrageous, security urged her to leave and tried to escort her to her hotel room, but the influencer didn’t comply. After her resistance, the sheriff’s office was called and informed of the situation for security.

When the police arrived and tried to take her back to her room, she began to stand in the middle of the street, blocking traffic. They warned her that if she did not leave the bar immediately, the police would arrest her. However, Corey allegedly continued to protest and ended up being physically violent towards an officer.

According to the claims, Corey’s parents were also there at the bar. She was read her Miranda Rights while the police put her in handcuffs.

Sources close to the influencer said the arresting officers roughed up Corey Struve, leaving bruises on her face, arm and shoulder. The YouTube influencer also kicked out the rear windows of the police car when she was pulled over.

The source also added that this behavior was out of character for Corey, who has denied allegations of misconduct against an officer.

Scott Erdbacher, her legal representative, said he was concerned about the number of assaults the officers subjected to Corey while handcuffing her. He added:

“My concern at this time is for Corey’s well-being and her injuries are being documented by a medical specialist, including head to toe bruising, numbness and loss of motion in her left arm.”

When Corey Struve-Talbott’s mugshot was shared, she definitely didn’t seem happy with what happened. The incident quickly took a turn for the worse when the influencer, who often vlogs her being cheerful and cheesy with her family, was arrested in a controversial situation at her birthday party.

Corey and her husband share vlogs about her daily life with their three children

Corey was born on January 17, 1985, and she and her husband, Travis, began dating in 2004 before tying the knot on October 3, 2015. The 37-year-old YouTuber has three children with Travis and they share vlogs about family life. daily of her

According to her YouTube bio, she likes to joke around and create “fun and exciting” videos, and they love to vlog about her daily life. The bio says that vlogging helps them record and share their lives with their followers.

His content includes pranks, skits, and reaction videos. Corey and Travis also share videos of their children singing.

Corey Struve-Talbott also made headlines in 2016 after giving birth on the same day as her sister.

Corey Struve-Talbott also has an Instagram account where she has over 221k followers. In addition to uploading photos to her profile, she also promotes her YouTube videos on this account. Corey also does Instagram reels where she does some short skits or trends.