Who was Kathleen McCormack Durst? Wiki, Biography, Age, family wants probe of 40-year-old ‘coverup’

Kathleen McCormack Durst Wiki – Kathleen McCormack Durst Biography

Kathleen McCormack Durst was the wife of  Robert Abrams, a lawyer for Kathleen Durst’s family, lamented decades of “prosecutorial cowardice” in the case and berated “the careless and incompetent investigation” that kept Durst out of trouble until this month when he was finally charged in the murder of his ex-wife. The family of disgraced scion of Robert Durst’s real estate Murdered wife is calling on Westchester County prosecutors to investigate the “nearly four-decade cover-up” of her 1982 disappearance and murder.

Abrams, speaking outside the Westchester County Courthouse on Tuesday, praised DA Mimi Rocah for the indictment, but said it took too long and leaves many questions unanswered. “As much as we appreciate what District Attorney Rocah has done in charging Robert Durst with Kathie’s murder, and we appreciate it,” Abrams said. But I want to be very clear. What you did is what your job requires you to do. She accused a murderer of killing someone. ”

family wants probe of 40-year-old ‘coverup’

“Congratulations to her, because that was not done in the last 40 years and she did. She didn’t do us any favors by doing what she’s supposed to do. ” Abrams added that Rocha “is required by law” to determine whether Robert Durst’s brother, Douglas, used his wealth and influence to stifle the investigation. Rocah cold case reopened In May.

In a letter to the district attorney, Abrams asked the office to “correct the mistakes made by his predecessors” and launch “a meaningful investigation into the cover-up.” Kathleen Durst, 29, disappeared from the couple’s South Salem home on January 31, 1982, and her family declared her legally dead in 2017.

His body was never found. The Westchester indictment came just two weeks after Robert Durst was he is sentenced to life imprisonment in Los Angeles for the 2000 murder of her friend Susan Berman, who prosecutors say was about to confess to the murder of Kathleen Durst. The ailing real estate scion was also tried for killing and cutting up neighbor Morris Black in Galveston, Texas, but was acquitted after alleging self-defense.

A spokesman for the Westchester District Attorney’s Office declined to comment. A spokesman for the Durst Organization did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Post on Tuesday.  Kathie Durst’s family, the McCormacks, say they will share the steps they are taking “to hold everyone who conspired with Robert Durst to cover up this horrible crime for their wrongful conduct.” One of the people expected to speak outside Westchester County and Supreme Court on Tuesday is James McCormack, Kathie’s brother.

Durst was indicted last Monday for the murder of Kathie Durst and is already serving a life sentence in California for killing an informant who helped him cover up the crime.

The disappearance of his first wife in 1982 has long overshadowed the imprisoned millionaire, contributing to his increasingly bizarre and violent demeanor and leading to an infamous confession in front of the camera. He garnered renewed public interest after HBO aired a documentary in 2015 in which the eccentric Durst seemed to admit to killing people, getting off-camera and muttering to himself into a live microphone: “He killed them all, of course. “.

In the 2015 HBO documentary “The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst,” Durst appeared to admit to killing people and admitted that he made up details about what happened the night she disappeared because “he hoped it would all go away.” ”

Durst, who has numerous medical problems, sat in a wheelchair for much of the trial and sentencing hearing in California. He read his attorney’s questions on a tablet with live transcripts because he has a hard time hearing. Following his Oct. 14 sentencing in the Los Angeles case, he was hospitalized on a COVID-19 ventilator and was transferred last week to a state prison hospital. His medical status was not released, but a mugshot showed no signs of a ventilator.

Durst, who testified at the Los Angeles trial in August, denied killing Kathie Durst. After his medical school called to report that he had not been to class, he said that he thought he was “somewhere having fun” and suggested that perhaps drug use was the culprit. “It hadn’t occurred to me that something had happened to him,” Durst said, speaking slowly in a tight, husky voice. “It was more like: What had Kathie done to Kathie?”

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