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Who was Mgilija Nhleko? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Cause of Death

Mgilija Nhleko Wiki – Mgilija Nhleko Biography

Mgilija Nhleko passed away late Monday at the hospital after months of cancer treatment. A few months ago, Nhleko family spokesman Seth Nhleko told Independent Media that they were working to raise funds to provide him with special medical care at a private hospital.

There has been a torrent of grief, shock and mourning in the Zulu nation following the passing of the former leader of the Zulu regiments, Mlandeni Mgilija Nhleko, who rose to prominence during the traditional burial of the late King Goodwill Zwelithini in March this year.

Born in 1949, Nhleko became known for commanding a legion of Zulu regiments during the burial of the late Zulu king. The regiment’s colorful display of Zulu culture began when they escorted the body of the late King out of King Edward Hospital in Durban, drawing public attention with people saying that Zulu culture was still intact.

The colorful display of him later unfolded in Nongoma when the regiments welcomed the corps home and escorted him to the KwaKhathomthandayo palace before he was later secretly buried at night.

In July 2021, Nhleko suffered damage to his reputation when he led Zulu regiments to support former President Jacob Zuma in Nkandla just days before Zuma surrendered to begin his jail sentence at Estcourt. The move angered the Zulu royal council and Buthelezi. The Osuthu royal council finally dismissed him from office when it emerged that he was questioning King Misuzulu’s legitimacy as king of the nation.

Mgilija Nhleko Age

Mgilija Nhleko was 72 years old.

Mgilija Nhleko Cause of Death

The former leader of the AmaZulu regiments, Mgilija Nhleko, passed away at the age of 72 on Monday, November 8, after battling illness for months. The highly respected leader gained fame when she led Amabutho during the funeral of the late King Goodwill Zwelithini in March this year.

“The INJEJE yabeNGUNI Council has just announced the premature passing of the leader of the Zulu Ubab Mgilija regiment,” the announcement read. “His passing evokes great sadness and indeed anger among many, as we feel stripped of a gleaming and proud Nguni jewel.”

The late leader is also honored to have been a stakeholder during the preparations for commemorations such as the Battle of Isandlwana and Umkhosi weLembe. The late leader was hospitalized in August at St Benedict Hospital in Nongoma. He was given medical attention for stress and other ailments. Later, doctors discovered that he also suffered from tuberculosis (TB) in the joints.

Nhleko is suspected of suffering deep anguish after being fired for allegedly questioning King Misuzulu’s authority during a television interview. He was also criticized for leading regiments to former President Jacob Zuma’s home in Nkandla before Zuma turned himself in to the police. Zihogo Nhleko, who is affectionately known as “Mgilija” and is believed to have been born and raised in Mona, east of Nongoma, north of KwaZulu-Natal in 1949.

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