Georgia man arrested after posting a viral video of him fleeing troopers on a motorcycle

In a Facebook post, Clayton County authorities praised their officers’ valiant efforts to identify and arrest a man using social media after the suspect evaded arrest by a Georgia State Patrol trooper on a motorcycle. last year.

According to a Facebook post from the Clayton County Police Department in Georgia, on December 12, 2022, detectives arrested a suspect who had previously evaded arrest for reckless driving on a motorcycle. The suspect was able to dodge Georgia State Police, who pursued the motorcyclist through Henry and Clayton counties.

The suspect, who recorded the incident on camera, was located by Lt. Thomas Reimers of the Clayton County Sheriff’s Department. The officer reportedly found out about the manhunt and searched social media until he was able to locate a TikTok and YouTube video uploaded by the suspect.

Authorities located a Georgia man using social media

On Friday, January 6, 2023, the Clayton County Police Department detailed a case in which a Georgia man on a motorcycle, who had initially evaded arrest, was taken into custody by department detectives who used social media to locate the suspect. suspicious.

Authorities said Lt. Thomas Reimers, who found video of the incident documented by the suspect on TikTok, was able to narrow down the trail of him after identifying the vehicle on the video as the 2022 Triumph Street Triple RS, a relatively rare motorcycle.

The officer found the suspect after determining that the vehicle had been modified from its factory configuration, and there was only one such registered in the area. Detailing the persecution, authorities said:

“Using this information, Lieutenant Reimers reviewed our investigative software and found that there was only one Triumph Street Triple RS registered in this area. The vehicle was registered to a subject at Shangrila Circle in Riverdale. The Instagram handle pointed out by Lt. Reimers.”

Reimers then met with the State Trooper, and the two approached the suspect’s residence to conduct a “touch and talk.” Shortly thereafter, multiple arrest warrants were issued for the suspect after he admitted that he was the driver who fled from authorities. The post said:

“During touch and talk, Lt. Reimers and the Georgia State Trooper spoke to the suspect, saw the motorcycle, and eventually the suspect admitted that he was the driver who fled the Georgia State Trooper in the original incident. Twelve arrest warrants were obtained for the suspect.”

The Clayton County department praised the officer, whose singular determination led to the suspect’s arrest. They said:

“Without Lt. Reimers’ diligent efforts to go above and beyond the call of duty, it is highly likely that the offender would not have been identified and may have continued to endanger the citizens of Clayton County.”

Police have yet to announce charges against the suspect.