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Daz Black Wiki, Biography

Daz Black, a popular English gamer, recently became the talk of the town after netizens assumed he was deceased based on claims made in a TikTok video. However, on Tuesday, January 17, the player tweeted from his official Twitter account and shared that he needs to “take a few days off” as he is suffering from severe food poisoning, thus debunking the death rumors.

A netizen @eksservr shared a TikTok video on July 26, 2022, which fueled these rumors about the player’s death. The video showed a glimpse of Daz Black on a roller coaster. The user added a subtext that baffled everyone.

He said:

“Daz Games has sadly passed away… Here’s the video.”

It’s important to note that this video was from almost five months ago and the player has been active on all of his social media accounts ever since.

His last Instagram post was from December 28, 2022, and he shared a story on the platform on January 16, 2023. On Twitter, Daz’s last tweet is from January 17, and on YouTube, his most recent video was uploaded on January 15.

Daz Black’s recent tweet about his health left his followers concerned as they wished the player a speedy recovery.

Daz initially gained popularity on the social networking site Vine, a short video hosting platform. The YouTuber also posted comedy skits and entertained his fans. However, he rose to fame when he started sharing gameplay screenshots of him and added funny comments in the background.

Daz Black was previously rumored to be dead in 2018 as well
This isn’t the first time a death hoax has sprung up around Daz. In 2018, rumors spread that the YouTuber might have died. Fans and followers began to ask about his whereabouts. The player shared an update confirming that he was alive and away in London, attending some premieres. He assured fans that videos and live streams will appear on his social media accounts soon.

At that time, he noticed that many people were wondering if he was dead. Daz then took to Twitter and posted a video of himself saying:

“Many people ask me if I am dead. I’m not dead, you can’t kill Daz.

Daz Black also recently shared his thoughts on the arrest of Andrew Tate. He addressed the controversial influencer accused of human trafficking and sex crimes and said:

“Most women wouldn’t go near you even if you were gold, Tate, and if they decide to make the terrible mistake of going near you, they’ll realize they don’t want to be a slave.”

The YouTuber also made a video in which he reacted to clips of Andrew Tate talking about his treatment of women and his notions of how he thinks others should treat women.

The 37-year-old YouTuber has over 8 million subscribers on YouTube, around 581k followers on Twitter, and 938k followers on Instagram. His content includes gameplay videos with funny commentary and reaction videos.

Daz Black started his YouTube journey in 2014 and initially only uploaded gaming videos. Later, he also started reacting to certain trends and personalities on social media, which made him famous.