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TikTok star Taylor (@Wafffler69), known for sharing videos of strange foods and snacks, died on Wednesday, January 11, 2023 at the age of 33. The tragic news was confirmed by her brother, Clayton, who explained that he died. of a “suspected heart attack”.

The food influencer had 1.7 million followers, with more than 32.8 million likes on all his posts. Videos of her offered humorous, real-time commentary on the taste of various foods and unconventional foods, almost like a review for anyone who wanted to try them. She would often compare the same foods from different fast food restaurants.

Clayton, who goes by @claydorm, took to the video-sharing platform to deliver the devastating news of her brother’s death on Thursday, January 12, 2023. According to TMZ, Clayton stated that he died of an “alleged assault to the heart”. late Wednesday night.

Claydorm explained that Taylor called her mother from her home in Louisiana when she began to experience some discomfort. After this, he called an ambulance to take him to the hospital, but he died while he was hospitalized. He said that both his father and her grandfather had genetic heart problems.

TikToker fans took to social media to express their disbelief and grief over his passing. One user Anna, @SpaceR0bot, said:

What a beautiful soul to be taken away too soon!” – Netizens mourn the loss of Waffler69

Netizens sent their tributes to Waffler69 and their condolences to his family. They claimed that he was taken away too soon and noted that he always smiled in his posts, calling him healthy. He was hailed by many as a genuine person who brightened everyone’s lives.

Some users recalled Taylor’s journey from being a relatively small TikToker to a viral enthusiast. Others called on health and fitness channels not to make fun of him or create patronizing videos related to him.

Some used his bizarre eating practices as a means of paying homage to Waffler69. One user, @tinman2687, commented that he would eat cheap egg rolls in honor of Taylor. He stated:

More about Waffler69

Taylor had been experimenting with food for more than 16 years. His eating habits led him to sample eccentric items like watermelon-flavored toast, canned cheeseburgers, 1989 Batman cereal, edible chalk, and octopus spaghetti.

Many of the videos of him include him eating food on a VHS tape, DVD, or even a book, adding a nostalgic feel to his content. He eventually expanded to sell Waffler products in Camero and launched his line of seasonings called Waffler Seasoning.

Claydorm urged fans to keep his brother’s legacy alive by rewatching videos of him, stating:

“Keep him alive. He loved to make people happy.”

Claydorm also started a GoFundMe campaign to pay for Waffler69’s funeral and other expenses, where he expressed his gratitude to everyone who donated. The page has crossed its goal of raising $10,000 within the first 11 hours of its launch.