Video shows South California road rage incident involving Tesla driver

On Wednesday, January 11, a Southern California Tesla driver was recorded vandalizing a vehicle in a road rage incident. The suspect, who has not been identified by Los Angeles authorities, has been charged with a series of similar attacks involving assault and verbal abuse.

In recently released footage of the Tesla driver, he can be seen approaching a car and breaking the hood with a pipe, before the victim punches him, pushes him back and proceeds to escape. In another clip, the Tesla driver can be seen harassing another California motorist.

According to the New York Post, the driver’s Tesla has no license plates, making it difficult for authorities to locate it. Fox reported that the California Highway Patrol identified him as the prime suspect in at least four road rage incidents.

Witnesses speak of chain of attacks on California driver

In an interview with NBC Los Angeles, an anonymous witness who filmed the California serial road rage suspect said he felt compelled to capture footage after witnessing the defendant leave the scene of a minor accident.

The anonymous witness said:

“I figure even if I was scared or whatever, you really have to help people and do the right thing. Or, in any case, just be able to provide a license plate number. I wish someone would do that for me.” . ”

Another suspect, a California woman, told ABC she met the suspect in West Hollywood in June, when she allegedly argued with her before punching a driver who tried to intervene. The California woman, who also remained anonymous, recorded the incident.

She said:

“The Tesla was approaching oncoming traffic. We faced each other and I said, ‘You can do it, keep going slow.’ And immediately, he went into some kind of psycho mode and started screaming and moving.”

She said she tried to calm down the road rage suspect, but he threw a soda can at her 93-year-old mother, who was with her at the scene. She said that a valet parking driver later tried to calm him down before the suspect struck him.

The woman said:

“Boom! It just punches him in the face. I pull out my phone, start taking a couple pictures. I’m trying to back off. They get in.”

Speaking to KABC, another woman said the Tesla driver seemed so volatile that she thought he might be assaulted as well.

She said:

“Honestly, I felt like he was going to break my windows or take me out.”

The case currently remains under investigation. No arrests have yet been made.