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Tywan George was identified as the Amazon delivery driver who was fired for a viral TikTok video showing a woman in a black dress getting out of her Amazon Prime van. TMZ identified George as the Amazon driver and interviewed him.

The TikTok video from October 24 went viral and sparked jokes on social media. In it, a woman in a black dress emerged from the back of the driver’s Amazon truck. In the video, another person who appears to be wearing an Amazon uniform, now named George, can be seen opening the door from the inside.

According to the New York Post, the TikTok video originally shared by user @ patrickhook01 was viewed over 11 million times in just five days. More than 780,000 people liked the post on TikTok in late October. According to online records, George is 24 years old and lives in Tampa, Florida. It seems to have a minimal presence on social media; just an old Twitter page with a single tweet and an Instagram page with no posts saying “shoe customs.”

George told TMZ he was ‘delivering packages’

According to TMZ, George told the entertainment news outlet that he knows the woman “intimately.” He “insists that he was only doing his job when she was inside the van … that is, delivering packages … if he realizes he’s adrift,” TMZ reported. The TMZ story contains video footage of an interview the outlet did with Tywan George.

“Oh, the woman in the video who is my partner, you know what I’m saying, I know her personally, you know what I’m saying,” George told the interviewer. He was asked why the woman was in the back of her Amazon Prime truck. “I was doing my job, delivering packages. Rent is high in the city. Everything is hot. I was only making ends meet, ”he said.

George insisted: “No missing packages were reported, no theft was reported. It was just that the incident went viral. That’s about what my job cost me. There was nothing stolen, you know what I mean. Nothing has ever been stolen from me while driving and working with Amazon. I’m pretty sure the reason I lost my job is that the video is going super viral. ”

He said he knew he was going to be fired “once I hit 1 million views on TikTok, I knew I was going to lose my job.” He said Amazon is “strict.” According to George, “That was a one-time incident. Honestly, I did what any other man in America would do. Any other man in America would do what I did. I do not know. Honestly, I see it as what it is now. ”

The interviewer pressed again, “What were you doing in the back of the truck?” George smiled and said, “My job … Everyone knows what Amazon drivers do.” “Deliver packages?” asked the interviewer. George smiled again and said, “Exactly, that’s what I was doing. Package delivery. ”Then he laughed.

Amazon Says Amazon’s Delivery Controller Has Been Fired

@ patrickhook01Amazon be different😮‍💨😮‍💨 ## fyp ##viral ##Florida ##Amazon ## KFCSecretMenuHacks♬ CRACKHEAD – iLOVEFRiDAY

Heavy reached out to Amazon PR for comment. They did not respond, but revealed in a statement to the media that the driver was fired.

“This does not reflect the high standards we have for our delivery service partners and their drivers,” said Amazon spokeswoman Maria Boschetti. told Fox News. “Allowing unauthorized passengers to enter delivery vehicles is a violation of Amazon policy, and the driver no longer delivers packages to Amazon customers.”

The name of the driver was not released, and the company did not provide additional details about the woman in question. However, the driver was from Florida.

Amazon be different,’ reads TikTok video title

User @ patrickhook01 captioned the viral video, “Amazon be different #fyp #viral #florida #amazon #KFCSecretMenuHacks.” He first shared the video on TikTok on October 24, 2021. In the video, a woman in a black dress steps out of the back of the Amazon Prime truck and then calmly walks down the street. It is not clear exactly what was happening inside the truck.

A woman claimed to know the woman in the viral video, but it is unclear if that was correct. She wrote: “Lol! That is my older sister. We know it is a phenomenon. I showed him this video and he freaked out hahaha, although he deserves it. “That user claimed they grew up in Ohio, but his sister moved to Florida where the video was filmed. Heavy approached the woman to see if her sister wanted to make a comment but did not receive a response.

People quickly filled the original poster’s comment thread with jokes: She has that Prime Plus membership.” Delivery available in 3-4 business minutes.” So Amazon drivers are the new dairymen.” “He was just showing her his package.”

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