Who was Kathleen Kirkwood? QVC Entrepreneur Dies at 62 in New York, Friends Say

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Kathleen Kirkwood was an entrepreneur, fashion designer, and company founder who was featured often on QVC. He died in November 2021 at the age of 62 in New Yorksay friends. Kathy Levine, the former QVC anchor, wrote in Facebook on November 5, 2021, “We call her the queen of shoulder pads, Q’s undercover agent with her beautiful camisoles and the green eco-machine with her dedication to recycling through her bra recycling agency (BRA); but I called her friend. Kathleen Kirkwood passed away after a brief illness.

Levine added: “A tireless worker, a wonderful sister and daughter, a passionate canine mother and a very beautiful friend, Kathleen loved her Starbucks cappuccino and her different business ideas. His mind never stopped thinking about how to create new smart items and how to make a difference in the world. ” The exact cause of Kirkwood’s death was not immediately known. His sister, Joann, posted on Instagram on September 27, 2021, “My sister needs prayers today, please pray for her. She always has a fighting spirit, so I hope she’s fighting now! I love you Kath a leen❤️ ”

Kathleen Kirkwood founded the BRA Recycling Agency in 2010 and was also the president of Kirkwood International Inc., a fashion innovation company.

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Kirkwood was the founder of the BRA Recycling Agency, a company that created a process to recycle bras, and part of the company’s profits went to breast cancer research. She founded that company in 2010 and had been president of Kirkwood International Inc. since 1983, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Kirkwood said on LinkedIn: “He created Pints ​​of Pads in 1983, a ‘clip-on’ shoulder pad. Sale of high-end boutiques and department stores. She received invitations from AWED and NFTE to speak about women entrepreneurs, and appeared on Oprah in 1989 in its business women segment. Apple’s Steve Jobs visited Ms. Kirkwood’s office in 1992 and shared packaging resources and tips for small businesses that have shaped Kirkwood’s product and packaging marketing ever since. Discovered by QVC in 1992 and featured on CNBC Squakbox for the oldest (privately owned) provider on Qvc. Currently at QVC weekly, with a collection of camisoles and intimate apparel solutions, with visits to QVC London. ”

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Kirkwood said of the BRA Recycling Agency that it is “creating a solution for the dumping and waste of intimate apparel, especially bras and polyurethane foam pads. Every year 500 million bras are sold, so a recycling solution has been a passion. The bras turn into a carpet cushion, courtesy of Leggett & Platt, and Kirkwood works with a print underwriter to support the recycling of MAIL ENVELOPES and COLLECTION CONTAINERS. It is currently a Girl Scout program and will soon be on the New York City Department of Sanitation referral page for recycling. ”

Kirkwood promoted recycling and other green initiatives on social media. She also worked with the Nassau County Girl Scouts, according to her LinkedIn, “Launching a green PROGRAM with tips on entrepreneurship. The event will feature the filming of girls creating PSA messages of ‘why should we recycle’ and learning how to recycle a bra. Girls will be offered a GS PROGRAM designed for Troupe leaders, to collect bras to recycle in their communities, helping to reduce waste and landfills. The recycled UNDERWIRE bra will be sold as a donation for breast cancer research. ”

Kirkwood went to high school in Hartsdale, New York and worked for a clothing company in Paris, France, before starting his own business.

Kirkwood, who lived in New York City, according to their Facebook page. She graduated from Maria Regina High School in Hartsdale, New York, in 1978, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Kirkwood began her career working as a showroom salesperson at Gil Aimbez Static, according to her LinkedIn. She then worked as a sales executive at Philippe Adec in Paris, France. He wrote on LinkedIn that he sold, “a collection of jeans and sportswear from Paris, to boutiques and specialty chains better UPSCALE, in the United States and France.”

In 1983, he founded his own company. He wrote on LinkedIn that his company creates, “fashion innovations like the patented COOKIE-CAMI, Pints-of-Pads shoulder pad solution, undercover agent blouse, Dick Trac-Facility and Bust-Facility. There are solution projects that are licensed, including GLOW PROTECTION, a sweat-blocking t-shirt for MEN and WOMEN. MANAGE trademarks, intellectual property, website sales and partnerships with manufacturers and factories. ”

Fellow QVC personalities, fans and others in the business world paid tribute to Kirkwood on social media

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Kathy Levine added in her tribute post on Facebook: “We shared 1000 laughs in the air and outside of it. Too young, he left too soon. Rest in peace dear friend, and your friends will keep your light shining in your memory. ”

Kirkwood’s friend Kate Michaels wrote on facebook“Blessings to one of my close friends, Kathleen Kirkwood, or as we used to call her, KK. She was a fiery woman, do it, the kind of woman who had such a good heart and did so long. He made shoulder pads famous (!) And then donated / recycled them too. We were friends for so long, talking every day before learning that she was a famous guru and home shopping queen. She kept me on my toes and was never afraid to call things by name… she made so many incredible changes in her life and faced all her difficulties with love and grace. ”

Michaels added: “Now she is our loving, wonderful and dynamic angel… God bless you, KK, and thank you so much for being a part of each of our lives. You are a inspiration! ”

A QVC fan wrote on Facebook, “I am saddened to learn of the passing of Kathleen Kirkwood. She was at QVC for a long time and had recently missed her. ”

Lidia Cortina Karras, friend and fellow entrepreneur from New York, wrote in an Instagram tribute to Kirkwood, “RIP, my dear and beautiful friend Kathleen. We pray so much that you stay here with us 🙏🏻 I guess they sent you upstairs to work your magic there like you did here in this beautiful one 🌎 you cared so much! This photo below makes me think that now you are happy and at peace. You see, you’re already up there getting to work. You taught me so much! ”

Cortina Karras added: “Every time I have a piece of garbage to throw away and I want to throw it away, I will have you in my head saying to me ‘Lidia, now is that where it really goes?’ ♻️♻️♻️ Queen! You’ve taught me so many lessons about business, climate change, and what it’s like to be a good friend! When I didn’t have time to go to lunch with you because I was at work, you brought it all with the china cutlery and of course your very healthy food … 🥰 Montauk will never be the same again without you. You really were one of the most beautiful people inside and out. It really saddens me not to have more time with you. I will treasure all the good times we had. RIP, my very dear friend 💔🥰💃💫🌼💐 ”

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