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Travis King, 23, who ran across the heavily-armed Korean border last month after being frustrated by the inequality of American society and racial discrimination in his military. This was North Korea’s first official confirmation of Pvt’s detention. Travis King, who served in South Korea and rushed to the North during a civilian expedition in a border village on July 18. He became the first American confirmed to have been detained in the North for nearly five years. Citing an investigation by the relevant North Korean officials, the official Korean Central News Agency reported that King had told them he had decided to enter North Korea because he “had bad feelings about inhumane abuse and racial discrimination within the U.S. Army.

Travis King’s Age

Travis King is 23 year old.

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Incident Detail

The 23-year-old private ran across the South Korean border during a guided tour on July 18.Private King admitted to crossing illegally and sought refuge in the North, state news agency KCNA reported.Washington said Pyongyang could not confirm the allegations, which were the first public comments on the case.They’ve only been featured in a statement released by KCNA so far.Concerns are mounting for the well-being of the US soldier, who has not been heard from or seen since his transition.

The US is trying to negotiate the release of Private King with the help of the UN Command, which manages the border area and has a direct hotline with the North Korean military.Responding to Wednesday’s report on North Korea, a Pentagon official said their priority was to get Private King home safely “through all available channels”.North Korea did not disclose how it planned to treat Private King, but said it acknowledged that the soldier had entered the country “illegally”.The statement regarding KCNA did not say whether he would face prosecution or punishment, and there was no mention of his current whereabouts or condition.

During the investigation, Travis King admitted that he decided to come to the DPRK [North Korea] because he had bad feelings about inhumane abuse and racial discrimination within the US Army,” KCNA said.He also expressed his desire to seek asylum in North Korea or a third country, saying he was disappointed with the unequal American society.”Christopher Green, a senior adviser at think tank International Crisis Group, said the emphasis in North Korea’s statement on Private King’s illegal entry shows that it doesn’t think he should stay, even if he wanted to.This is not surprising. It would have lost all political value to them if that were the case,” Green said, but added that North Korea was not yet in a hurry to negotiate Travis King’s return to the United States.

They have openly shared their fate with Beijing and Moscow, as demonstrated by the visits of high-level delegations from both countries to Pyongyang in recent weeks. It is a mistake to think that North Korea is or should be in a hurry to deal with the Travis King mess,” he said.Private King is a reconnaissance specialist who has been in the military since January 2021 and is based in South Korea as part of his rotation.He was detained in South Korea for two months on charges of assault before crossing the border and was released on July 10.He had to fly to the US to face disciplinary prosecution, but managed to leave the airport and take a tour of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that separates North and South Korea.

One of the most heavily fortified areas in the world, the DMZ is filled with landmines, surrounded by electrified barbed wire and monitored by security cameras. Armed guards are required to be on alert 24 hours a day, but witnesses say there were no North Korean soldiers there when Private King ran.His family had previously told the US media that he had reported racism in the military. They also said that his mental health deteriorated after spending some time in a South Korean prison.I feel like I’m in a big nightmare,” said her mother, Claudine Gates, adding that the family was desperate for answers.North Korea is one of the few countries still under so-called communist rule and has long been a highly secretive and isolated society.

His government, led by Kim Jong-un, is also accused of systematic human rights violations.Analysts say the detention of Travis King has had an impact on North Korea’s anti-US message at a time when relations between the two countries have been at their worst in years.Pyongyang would likely love the opportunity to highlight racism and other shortcomings in American society, especially given the international criticism it has received over its human rights abuses.The UN Security Council will meet on Thursday to discuss the human rights situation in North Korea for the first time since 2017.North Korean media, before their comments on Travis King, published a statement regarding the UN meeting, which will be held under the leadership of the USA“Not content with promoting racial discrimination and gun-related crimes, the United States has imposed unethical human rights standards on other countries,” the statement said.

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