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A boy named Topher is trending on both TikTok and Twitter due to his dramatic way of presenting himself in a video. The TikTok video was posted by user @ allycat.03 (Allyson) on December 24, where his family was playing. Each member was asked to name a family member they would warn a stranger about. The members then took turns giving their answers.

Allyson asked everyone:

“If you had to introduce someone in our family, who would you warn them about?”
Kevin, who was asked the question first, took the name Topher. When it was the latter’s turn, he spoke in a thick southern accent with a cheeky expression, fierce tone but hilarious demeanor:

“You already know who I am. My name is Topher, and I think Olivia.”
As Olivia was named in return, the latter’s shrill shriek was heard in the background, where he yelled:


Since then, the boy has become a viral sensation on TikTok. The video garnered more than five million likes and 34 million views. Memes about him have also appeared on Twitter, and people are enjoying the fun and laughter.

Although the video shared the day before Christmas made the boy famous, this was not the first time he had appeared on TikTok. Many of Allyson’s TikTok videos feature his younger brother Topher goofing around, doing funny things and joking around. Most of those videos have more than several million views.

Although Allyson’s account is no longer on the platform, many people have already saved the video and shared it from their accounts. Interestingly, there are even fan accounts created for the boy on TikTok.

One such account named @tophersbigfan uploaded the original video with some edits and captioned it:

“The icon itself!”

In the comments section of Allyson’s family video, people are obsessed with the young man’s antics. One person called it “an icon of the future.”

Netizens Predict Topher Will Be The Biggest Internet Icon Of 2023

Topher memes are going wild and free on Twitter. Users have already predicted that the boy will hold the title of the biggest internet star of 2023.

Of all the memes, one theme topped it all. This is where the personal introduction part of him is edited into scenes from a movie or a viral video, where one character asks another person to introduce themselves.

For example, in a clip from the 2019 movie Avengers: Endgame, Thanos wears the Infinity Gauntlet and snaps his fingers at the end of the movie, thinking he has all the stones in it. However, he is surprised when nothing happens. The camera then cuts to Iron Man sitting on his knees and showing his hands with all the stones in them. But in this meme, on Iron Man’s face, the creator edited Allyson’s brother’s face and added his dialogue from the viral family video.

The popularity of the TikTok sensation has already skyrocketed, so much so that some netizens are even referring to his TikTok experience as “TopherTok.” Fan pages dedicated to Topher are making video compilations by including various other video clips featuring the boy.

Some of the clips are from 2021 when Allyson’s brother was younger. However, in all the videos, he appears boisterous and gives off a lively personality, making more people addicted to watching him joke around.