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The incident was captured in part on video and shows 61-year-old Timothy Armstrong pointing and yelling at people on Flight 1802 from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City. He has also been seen getting up from his seat several times. At one point in the video, a flight attendant demanded that Armstrong sit down until the plane landed.

Armstrong then yells, “Joe Biden! Really?” He is later seen growling and growling as he adjusts his mask. Dennis Busch, 35, of Salt Lake City, took a video of Armstrong and thanked the airline crew for handling the situation.

Timothy Armstrong Age

Timothy Armstrong is 61 years old.

Video shows unruly passenger growling

A man traveling from California to Utah was arrested after causing a nuisance and yelling racist comments inside an American Airlines flight while intoxicated. The man was identified as Timothy Armstrong, 61, of Las Vegas, and cited for public intoxication and disorderly conduct after being arrested at the Salt Lake City International Airport.

The episode that occurred on Monday, September 6, on American Airlines Flight 1802 from Los Angeles to SLC was captured in part on video, which showed the man yelling at an ethnic Asian woman. He apparently asked her to sit while she was standing “to deal with a back problem.” He also said that the woman and the other person he was traveling with “did not belong here.” However, when a flight attendant asked Armstrong to sit down, he yelled, “Joe Biden! Actually?”

Dennis Busch, a fellow traveler who took the video of the incident and reportedly shared it on his TikTok account, explained: back problem. . He proceeded to tell several flight attendants that she and her companion ‘did not belong here. After asking him to calm down, the man went into a total collapse of racist, sexist, and belligerent comments, culminating in his arrest at the door. ”

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Busch added: “We were fortunate to have such a well-trained crew that they remained calm throughout the flight.” Meanwhile, an American Airlines spokesperson said after Armstrong was arrested after the plane landed. The spokesperson stated: “The flight landed safely at SLC, where local police removed the disruptive passenger from the aircraft. We thank our team for their professionalism and our clients for their understanding. ”

The video was also shared on the Fox 13 News Facebook page and attracted a lot of comments from people. One person wrote: “He was either high or drunk or both. He can’t even speak clearly, but on his own, not act like a rabid raccoon, hahaha. “Another suggested,” I mean, airlines allow this kind of thing. Ban alcohol at airports or just find a way to track how many drinks they’re being bought on the road. Cut people off after a few! Eliminate the real problem and things would be so much calmer. Alcohol is the real drug of entry. 191 days sober I’m blessed. I’m thankful. ”

“I’m not sure how he got on a plane honestly. We can’t bring shampoo and sit down, but some erratic drunk does it? It seems our TSA needs to update its terms. I’m not saying it’s necessarily dangerous, just that we should consider the restrictions we place on people who act sober and rational… ”added the third.

One comment read: “Where is the duct tape? Obviously, this guy was plastered. If you can’t drink and behave, it is best not to drink before getting on a plane. And most people who drink know what kind of drunkards get drunk. I imagine this guy will be banned from flying. “Another said,” How was this guy allowed on this flight? I guess he was acting normal before boarding and suddenly he broke down. ”


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