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Estes Carter Thompson III – American Airlines Fires Legal Team That Blamed 9-Year-Old For Being Filmed in Bathroom by Flight Attendant

American Airlines has fired its legal team after the company’s lawyers said that a 9-year-old girl should have known she was being filmed in the airline bathroom by a flight attendant. This decision followed American Airlines’ retraction of a filing from an outside law firm, which claimed the girl’s injuries were due to her “own … Read more

American Airlines Flight Attendant Estes Carter Thompson III Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Spouse, Arrested, Fast Facts

Estes Carter Thompson III, an American Carriers airline steward, arrested for endeavoring to keep a minor in a plane latrine, flashes security concerns and questions carrier responsibility, dig into the subtleties of Thompson’s capture and the charges he faces. American Aircrafts Airline steward Estes Carter Thompson III Arrested A previous American Carriers airline steward, Estes … Read more