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Sydney Loofe, who worked as a clerk at a Menards store in Lincoln, was reported missing on November 16, 2017, the day after she went on a second date with a woman supposedly named “Audrey” whom she had met on Tinder who actually it was Boswell. Her dismembered remains were found stuffed into garbage bags in a field in Edgar on December 4.

Boswell and Trail were caught on video buying saws, bleach, and garbage bags before Boswell’s meeting with Loofe, according to KETV. “Ms. Loofe was unnecessarily mutilated by Trail and Boswell as part of the plan to satisfy her sexual desire,” Johnson said. “The mutilation was not done as an afterthought to conceal the body.”

Suspect Arrested – Charged

A Nebraska woman was sentenced to life in prison Monday for the brutal murder of Sydney Loofe, a woman who disappeared after an online date. Bailey Boswell, 27, who strangled and dismembered Loofe, 24, along with her 55-year-old boyfriend, Aubrey Trail, evaded a death sentence after a three-judge panel could not unanimously decide that her role in the The murder did not meet the legal standard of “exceptional depravity.”

Two of the judges believed that she should be sentenced to death; Trail was sentenced to death in June. The murder was coldly calculated, Boswell enjoyed the murder, there was unnecessary mutilation of the body, “Presiding District Court Judge Vicky Johnson said during the hearing, KETV reports.” The murder made no sense and Sydney Loofe was a helpless victim. ”

Judge Peter Bataillon, the only one voting against, said prosecutors could not prove that Boswell should be sentenced to death. I could not find beyond a reasonable doubt that the state of Nebraska met [its] burden of proof regarding this aggravating circumstance, “he said, according to KETV.” Nothing in this decision diminishes the folly of the Sydney Loofe murder and the great pain it has caused her family and friends. ”

In a statement, Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson said: “Throughout the criminal justice process, Sydney’s family has persevered with dignity. With the criminal cases drawing to a close and the anniversary of his death approaching, our thoughts are with the Loofe family during this difficult time. ”

Boswell and Trail were convicted of first-degree murder, criminal conspiracy to commit murder, and improper disposal of human remains in the Loofe murder.

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