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Kadence Koen, a math and business teacher at Southeast High School, had challenged the state mandate that requires teachers to provide proof of being hit or tested weekly, the State Journal-Register reported. Instead, she opted to take unpaid leave. But the 43-year-old teacher, who is on unpaid leave until Nov. 17, eventually uploaded a copy of her immunization card to Gina McLaughlin-Schurman, the district’s assistant superintendent for human resources, the outlet said. communication.

She proved that she received the first dose of it in June and the second on July 19, long before Governor JB Pritzker issued the injunction on school personnel. Koen, who until Wednesday had to comply with a “remediation plan” established by the district on October 27, also posted her vaccination card on her Facebook page on Saturday, saying she hoped to return to class after revealing the status of it.

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Kadence Koen is 43 years old.

Kadence Koen Illinois reveals she had been vaccinated

An Illinois high school teacher who fought defiantly against the state mandate for the COVID-19 vaccine, even at the expense of her job, has revealed that she has been vaccinated all along. She said that she decided to open up because she wanted to get back with her students.

“I didn’t want to have to present a vaccination card because I don’t think that is legal or appropriate, but if they ask me to choose between my personal beliefs and my students, my students will win,” Koen said, according to the State Journal-Register. “My mother said I was a round peg in a round hole (in the southeast) and she does well with the kids there and that’s where I belong. I know I make a difference there, ”she added. “I can’t imagine my life without teaching.”

The teacher said her reluctance to report to the district was “always about liberties and liberties and medical autonomy,” and she admitted “disappointment” at not having resolved the matter in court. “Whether people agree or disagree with my methods or agree or disagree with my position, I’m glad people are talking,” she said. “I’m glad that people no longer just accept things, as it has to be that way.”

She admitted that there were other teachers in the district who had decided to continue testing for the virus after refusing to get vaccinated. A spokeswoman for the schools told the news outlet that the district cannot discuss personnel or remediation issues.

Kingsley Keys, a music teacher at Franklin Middle School, who is also on unpaid leave for challenging the mandate, said in a statement that “this enforced compliance as a condition of employment stands in stark contrast to the very impetus for informed consent and medical autonomy. legislated, full rights throughout federal and state statutes, legislated to counteract excesses. ”

Keys added: “Historically, the good guys never force you to comply. My main reason for not taking the test is the popular adage: If you leave your children a world in which you never faced, they will inherit a world in which they cannot.

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