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“I don’t remember anything from that day,” 24-year-old Summer Diaz told Jam Press of her inadvertent Kiwi dialect. An American woman who had never been to New Zealand now speaks with a Kiwi accent after a two-week coma. The accident that caused the accent occurred on November 25, 2020, as the Los Angeles native was returning home from her work with children with autism. Díaz was walking in the crosswalk, on his way to retrieve her vehicle, when she was hit by a truck.

The driver dialed the emergency services number, after which the car accident victim was taken to the nearest hospital. Doctors later discovered that Diaz had suffered a host of injuries, including a broken pelvis and brain injury, and placed her in a medical coma. During the two weeks that she was unconscious, the poor girl’s family and boyfriend were unable to visit her regularly, as happened during the coronavirus pandemic.

Summer Diaz Age

Summer Diaz was 24 years old.

Summer Diaz wakes up with a New Zealand accent following a coma

“I don’t know what happened, but apparently I was in the middle of the crosswalk and I was hit by the truck.” The driver called for help and Summer was rushed to the nearest hospital, where it was discovered that she had suffered a number of injuries, including a broken pelvis, a broken shoulder and a brain injury. She spent two weeks in an induced coma and, because the accident occurred during the pandemic, her family and her boyfriend were not even able to visit her regularly.

Summer she recalled feeling disoriented and confused when she finally woke up in the hospital. “I could hear people say, ‘You’re in the hospital, Summer,’ she said. “They asked me to say the alphabet and I knew quite a bit of sign language, so I signed it. I couldn’t speak vocally when I woke up.

“I was able to do the whole thing and the staff asked my parents if I was deaf due to sign language. My parents said no, but I knew how to sign after taking classes at the university. ‘ When Ella Summer began to speak slowly again, she noticed changes in the way she spoke, but she initially thought they were due to her being intubated while she was in a coma.

‘I pulled my tubes out when I woke up causing some damage. Because of this, I also have a condition called dysphagia, which makes swallowing difficult, ”she explained. “ I remember trying to talk to people and my voice sounded different. So my boyfriend got special permission to visit me, and he has an accent since he’s from England. He was talking to me and I felt like he was enunciating quite a bit and that it sounded different, but he said he couldn’t hear it.

Then I went to rehab and my voice started to improve a bit. I worked with speech therapists, but she still spoke quite slowly, so it was difficult to hear anything. As my voice got louder, people started hearing the accent more. ‘

Summer’s new accent finally got so strong that people wondered where she was from because she didn’t have an American one. My nurses would come in and say, “Where are you from?” and they didn’t believe me when I said, “I’m from here,” she said. ‘I explained that I was born here, but they said: “But you have an accent.” I had to explain that it wasn’t my accent, and I just started doing it. ‘

Throughout her recovery, Summer has gone through a variety of accents, some lasting only a few hours and others lingering for months. She had a very British accent, similar to my boyfriend for a while. At one point I had a French one and briefly I was Russian. At the moment, she has settled on an Australian or New Zealand accent. ”

Summer has never been to Australia or New Zealand, but people often assume that she was born or raised there. “I went back to the fire station to meet the people who took me to the hospital the other day and give them cake,” she said.

‘I saw the fire marshal and realized on the phone that he had an accent, but when I met him, he said,’ Is it an Australian or a New Zealand accent? ‘ I explained that it was New Zealand, but he asked me where he was from and I had to tell him I’m from here and he laughed.

“One thing that was difficult for me was figuring out how to respond when people ask about the accent,” she added. ‘Do I go to where they think I am or do I tell them the truth and talk about an entire incident with a stranger?’ There is not much treatment available for FAS, but it can eventually go away on its own. Summer loves having a new accent and she is happy to wait and see what happens.

“ If I’m hit by a car but I manage to keep the accent, I agree with that, that’s the best part. That’s fun, ‘she said. “ I was always texting my friends telling them that I really wanted to keep it because I really like accents. After spending about a month in the hospital and in rehab, Summer was well enough to go home.

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