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Steven Kelley Little reportedly opened his door and invited the children in, completely naked, leading to his arrest. At least eight children were reportedly exposed that night and could have had many more if a parent hadn’t caught him on the spot and called 911. The Halloween terror struck parents in Provo, Utah, on October 30, after a registered sex offender received a trick. -o-treaters are completely naked.

Speaking of sex offenders, one in Indiana made headlines after it was discovered that he was married to a woman who was teaching pole dancing to children in October. Days ago, the small Illinois village of Dolton became the center of much controversy after the mayor hired a registered sex offender for a municipal job, forcing him into people’s homes. In mid-October, a sex offender who was on probation was arrested again for kidnapping and raping a nine-year-old girl.

Steven Kelley Little Arrested – Charged

Provo quickly made headlines thanks to Little’s antics, leading to his swift arrest. Despite being arrested on two previous occasions, it appears that Little had not learned his lesson. Provo Police Department Officer Austin Williams told Fox News: “This is a traumatic event for children.”

On October 30, the kids were busy celebrating Halloween in Utah’s fourth-largest city. Shortly before 7:00 pm, a group of children approached Little’s home. When they played, they were greeted by a completely naked little boy who “beckoned” them to enter. It is unclear if the children entered, but they apparently told their parents they were across the street about Little. A father, who has not been identified, decided to investigate and again approached Little’s home with his daughter.

Once again, Little opened the door naked. The furious father quickly took his daughter away, after telling Little to turn off the lights and not open the door anymore. He then called 911. Police were able to quickly grasp the situation after watching a video a boy had recorded of the interaction, which showed Little naked. At least five children over the age of 14 and three under the age of 14 saw Little naked, says a police affidavit.

“When asked why he had opened the door naked, he said that he had just come out of the shower and that is why he was naked. And they said, ‘Why did you ask the children to come in?’ and he said that’s where the candy was, “Provo police officer Austin Williams told KSL. He was immediately arrested and slapped on various charges, before being taken to the Utah County Jail. After reviewing the case, a judge denied Little bail, and the arresting officer noted that he “has proven to be a danger to children and the public with his continued behavior.”

History of sexual offenses

Little has been slapped with five counts of lewdness and three counts of lewdness involving a child. Since he is a former sex offender, all eight counts are now considered third-degree felonies under Utah law. At the time of the arrest, he was serving probation for a previous lewdness charge involving a child. That’s due to a September 2018 incident at the Provo Recreation Center. Little reportedly entered the men’s locker room and saw a 10-year-old boy using the bathroom, as he made “sexually suggestive sounds” and touched himself.

In March 2019, he pleaded guilty to a class A misdemeanor and was sentenced to one year in jail. However, the judge suspended him in favor of a three-year probationary period, with 45 days in jail. His brother said Little has a mental illness and is currently in therapy. Shortly before his arrest on October 30, the brother said he visited Little, who lives alone in Provo after his father passed away in January.

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