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Stephanie Hollingsworth Wiki – Stephanie Hollingsworth Biography

Stephanie Hollingsworth is the missing Florida mother who disappeared on September 25 seemingly without a trace after leaving her home in Belle Isle, which is part of the greater Orlando metropolitan area.

Hollingsworth is a yoga instructor, according to WKMG-TV. In July, she posted a photo of herself upside down while practicing aerial yoga. Hollingsworth remarked on her personal journey in the comments, writing in part “this life journey learning to LOVE it more!!! ❤”

She also wrote, “Purposely turning ourselves upside-down is contrary to our physical nature, and yet the benefits of upending ourselves are many. Just as yoga gently encourages us to move away from any unconscious habitual patterns, the invitation to invert is simply another way to shake things up, step out of a rut.”

In June, Hollingsworth posted about how her yoga practice benefited her in other ways. “Healthy Life = Healthy Spirit and Soul!!!”

Hollingsworth’s public-facing Facebook page also includes several photos of her family and that she was “blessed” with her three children.

Stephanie Hollingsworth Age

Stephanie Hollingsworth’s age is unclear.


Hollingsworth’s husband, Scott Hollingsworth, told WKMG-TV it’s not like her to just leave and not get in touch with her family. The couple has three sons, ages 21, 17 and 15. Scott Hollingsworth told the TV station he “suspects the worst.” He also directly addressed his wife: “Stephanie, if you’re able to see this, we’re looking for you. Your family loves you more than ever. We don’t know what’s going on but we’re going to find you.”

He has also said it’s odd that his wife left home without her cellphone, NBC Miami reported. Family friend Larry Miles told the Orlando Sentinel that Stephanie Hollingsworth did not bring a change of clothes or her makeup with her. Scott Hollingsworth told the newspaper his wife typically brings extra clothes when she leaves the house.

The family has asked friends and neighbors to continue to search for clues. During a prayer vigil at the Hollingsworth home on October 2, Scott Hollingsworth described his wife as “an amazing person, an amazing mother. She’s a beautiful soul and just gave everything she had to everyone in her life.”


Hollingsworth was last seen on a surveillance camera at a Walmart around 2 p.m. that day, according to the Orange County Sheriff. The department shared the video on Facebook. A $5,000 reward has been offered for information leading to her safe return.

Anyone with information was asked to contact the Belle Isle Police Department at 407-836-4357. Or, leave an anonymous tip with Crimeline by calling 800-432-8477.

Hollingsworth left her home on Monet Avenue in Belle Isle around noon on September 25, according to the local police department. She took her purse but left her cell phone at home.

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Hollingsworth last used her debit card at the Bank of America located at the intersection of South Goldenrod Road and Hoffner Avenue. WESH-TV reported she withdrew $20 from the ATM.

Hollingsworth’s next stop was the Walmart located less than half a mile away. According to the time stamp seen on the surveillance video shared by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Hollingsworth was seen walking inside the store five minutes after withdrawing money from the Bank of America ATM. She was wearing a black shirt and black pants and had a mask on. Sunglasses dangled from the front of her shirt. The video is embedded above and can also be seen here.

It’s unclear where she went after leaving Walmart. Hollingsworth’s husband told People, “She basically vanished into thin air. It makes no sense.”

Investigation Report

Investigators have expressed concern about Hollingsworth’s mental health. The Belle Isle Police noted in a Facebook post that Hollingsworth “suffers from some mental conditions and needs care.” The department did not elaborate on what sort of conditions she may have.

Hollingsworth may be driving a 2000 silver Chevrolet Tahoe with Florida license plate Y50XUR. No clues have been found that would indicate foul play, NBC Miami reported.

Hollingsworth stands about 5’4″ and weighs approximately 115 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes.

Investigators set up a “command post” outside the Walmart where Hollingsworth was last seen, WESH-TV reported. In addition to the law enforcement search, the Belle Isle Police has also organized volunteer searches to look for Hollingsworth.

Police are also keeping an eye out for the Chevrolet Tahoe Hollingsworth was believed to be driving. The vehicle has not been spotted since she vanished on September 25. Scott Hollingsworth told People that as of October 5, “the Tahoe hasn’t been picked up on any intersection or toll road cameras.” He added that his wife’s debit and credit cards have not been used since she withdrew $20 on September 25.


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