Who is Dr. Kristin Conley? Wiki, Biography, Age, Dr. Sean Conley Wife, Children, Instagram, Net Worth

Dr. Kristin Conley Wiki – Dr. Kristin Conley Biography

Dr. Kristin Conley is the husband of Dr. Sean Patrick Conley is the current White House physician and has been providing updates on President Donald Trump’s condition as the commander-in-chief battles the coronavirus.

Conley attended medical school with his wife, Dr. Kristin Conley. According to her profile on the Virginia Board of Medicine website, she also graduated from the Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicine in 2006. Like her husband, she completed her residency at the Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth, but her speciality was internal medicine. Kristin Conley is part of the Frederick Health Medical Group in Maryland.

Kristin Conley was honored as the Working Mother of the Year in 2016 by Working Mother magazine. For the profile, she shared that she and Sean Conley’s first son, Padraig, was born during their residency programs. Younger son Garrett arrived soon after Kristin Conley completed “serving in the Navy on board a ship.” Their daughter, Emily, was born while Sean Conley was in Afghanistan.

Dr. Kristin Conley Age

Dr. Kristin Conley’s age is unclear.

Dr. Sean Patrick Conley Career

Conley graduated from the Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicine in 2006, according to the Virginia Board of Medicine. In 2008, He completed an internship in aerospace medicine at the Naval Aerospace Medical Institute in Pensacola. Conley specialized in emergency medicine for his residency program at the Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth, Virginia. He completed that program in 2013.

While at the Naval Medical Center, Conley was awarded the “Nurses’ Choice Award for Outstanding Senior Resident.” He also earned the “Resident Research Award” and “Honor Graduate Award.”

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Conley’s Virginia Board of Medicine bio lists that he is “recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties, Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists and Boards of Certification, the American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry, or Council on Podiatric Medical Education.” Conley sees patients at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Conley Recommended Trump

Conley was the person who recommended Trump go to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for treatment as a precaution, he explained during an October 3 news conference. Conley shared on October 4 in an update from the hospital that the president was undergoing a five-day course of the Remdesivir drug.

Another member of the medical team, Dr. Brian Garibaldi, added the president may return to the White House as early as October 5.

Trump has also received “a single 8-gram dose of Regeneron’s polyclonal antibodies,” according to Conley. Doctors also have Trump taking “zinc, Vitamin D, famotidine, melatonin and daily aspirin.” Conley is a certified doctor of osteopathic medicine, according to his profile on the Virginia Board of Medicine.


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