Shele Danishefsky Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Murder, Fast Facts

Shele Danishefsky Wiki, Biography

The date of Oxygen: Secrets Uncovered is set to revisit the New Year’s Eve 2009 death of Shele Danishefsky, a wealthy Manhattan banker and mother of two, who was found dead in the bathtub of her affluent home by her son. nine years old. daughter. Authorities initially determined that her death was accidental.

In the end, an examination showed that Danishefsky had been strangled to death, and homicide was ruled the official cause of her death. Her ex-stockbroker husband, Rod Covlin, who was residing in a different apartment on the same floor at the time of her unfortunate death, was taken into custody after a lengthy investigation.

Covlin was alleged to have strangled the mother of two before staging the crime scene to make it look like an accidental death. His arrest in 2015 culminated in a trial four years later, with a jury returning a guilty verdict. He was sentenced to 25 years in life imprisonment.

This article will further discuss some key points about the murder of Shele Danishefsky ahead of the next episode titled Endgame, which will air this Wednesday, January 11, 2023 at 8:00 p.m. m. ET. The synopsis says:

“Rod Covlin calls 911 after his young daughter finds his ex-wife unconscious of him in the bathtub; shortly after her mysterious death, family members suspect what happened was not a accident”.

Shele Danishefsky murder case: Five quick facts to know about the New Year’s Eve death of the wealthy Manhattan-based banker

1) Authorities found Shele Danishefsky on the bathroom floor wrapped in a duvet

On December 30, 2009, Danishefsky was found unconscious floating face down in the bloody bathtub of her affluent Manhattan home. The scene was reportedly discovered by her nine-year-old daughter Anna, who later called her father, Rod Covlin.

Her father, who lived in a separate apartment on the same floor, arrived at the scene and allegedly removed the body from the bathtub and unsuccessfully administered CPR. He then called 911 and reported that his estranged wife had accidentally slipped into the bathtub and died. When authorities arrived, they found Danishefsky’s body wrapped in a duvet on the bathroom floor next to the blood-filled bathtub.

2) Danishefsky’s untimely death took place in the midst of a nasty divorce and custody battle.

The terrible death of Shele Danishefsky occurred while she was embroiled in a brutal divorce and custody battle with her husband Rod Covlin. Furthermore, Danishefsky decided to eliminate her unemployed husband as a beneficiary of her $5 million will, planning to leave it all behind for her two children. It was alleged that Covlin wanted custody of the children in order to gain access to his wife’s finances.

3) her body was buried without an autopsy and then exhumed amid growing suspicions.

Shele Danishefsky’s body was reportedly buried immediately without an autopsy when authorities determined her cause of death to be accidental. But considering that her husband, who was to be left out of her millionaire will, tragically died at a time that was most convenient for her, her family quickly realized that something was wrong.

Finally, Danishefsky’s family exhumed her body and sent it away for examination. After performing an autopsy, medical examiners revealed that the victim likely died of strangulation since the hyoid bone in her neck was completely fractured, ruling out her cause of death as homicide.

4) Rod Covlin tried to frame his nine-year-old daughter for the murder of Shele Danishefsky

Danishefsky’s husband and stockbroker, Rod Covlin, allegedly tried to frame her daughter Ann, who was only nine years old, for her death. Covlin reportedly claimed in a letter that he synced with Ann’s email account.

On June 25, 2013, he allegedly tried to fabricate a false confession to blame his young daughter. Covlin reportedly forged an Apple note posing as Anna that was synced to her Gmail account. Prosecutors said Covlin wrote a message out of fear when police approached him.

5) Covlin was convicted almost ten years after Danishefsky’s murder in 2009

In 2015, Rod Covlin was arrested and charged with the murder of Shele Danishefsky. He was then put on trial in 2019, and on March 13, the jury returned a guilty verdict, finding Covlin guilty of strangling the 47-year-old man on New Year’s Eve 2009. He was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. in second place. High-degree murder charges.

In order to make Danishefsky’s death seem accidental, the prosecution contended that he strangled her in the bathroom before dumping bloody water into the bathtub. He allegedly wanted Shele Danishefsky’s $5 million estate as well as to reclaim custody of his kids.