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CJ So Cool Wiki, Biography

Popular YouTuber CJ So Cool was recently shot multiple times during a home invasion. At the time of the invasion, Cordero James Brady, also known as CJ So Cool, was sleeping inside the house with his family. He shared the news of being shot through an Instagram story, where he said:

“At the hospital, I was shot 4 times in a home invasion at 3 in the morning. Please keep me and my children in your prayers until now that I am well.”

Furthermore, he also shared a photo of his injured leg.

Meanwhile, CJ So Cool’s girlfriend Alexis also shared an update on the YouTuber, showing him resting in a hospital bed. She noted that Cordero is doing well through the Instagram story. She also thanked the people who have helped and supported them through all of this.

Therefore, CJ So Cool is alive and well at the moment. However, it is not clear where he was shot, other than his leg, as he claimed he was shot 4 times. It is also unclear at this time if the family was also injured in a violent home invasion.

“Here’s to a speedy recovery”: Netizens pray for CJ So Cool as the YouTuber informed the masses about being shot multiple times in a home invasion

After CJ So Cool’s fans learned of his violent home invasion and the YouTuber was shot multiple times, people shared his prayers and wished him a speedy recovery on social media.

Additionally, the YouTuber also shared a video of himself from the hospital where he can be heard saying:

“I am receiving a lot of love right now, on Instagram, Facebook, text messages and phone calls. You’ve all come to me with positive greetings, I appreciate that. This is something that if he had passed away, he would not have been able to see all of this. This is a very warm feeling.”

He also clarified that none of it was fake or staged. He said:

“I just want everyone to know that none of them are fake. None of it is staged. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Especially when you’re asleep. I was literally woken up by 2 people trying to kill me.”

The social media star and YouTuber has 5.2 million followers on Instagram and 8.8 million on YouTube, where he posts about his life. On the platform, he has many videos with his girlfriend, children and his friends. Each of his videos get millions of views as people are intrigued to see and find out what is happening in CJ’s life.