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Sheila Davalloo Wiki, Biography

In November 2002, Sheila Davalloo, 33, of Pleasantville, New York, killed her boyfriend’s “other woman” and attempted to murder her own husband to pave the way into the life of her lover, Nelson Sessler.

Sheila Davalloo was found guilty of killing Anna Lisa Raymundo and assaulting Paul Christos. A few years later, she was convicted of Anna’s murder. Davalloo was sentenced to 50 years in prison in Connecticut in 2012.

In its latest episode titled A Time to Kill, Investigation Discovery will cover the chilling mystery of Sheila Davalloo’s murder involving deceit, lust, and deceit. The episode, which will air at 10 p.m., is part of her Love is the Drug series.

The synopsis for the episode reads as follows:

For Connecticut police, uncovering the mystery of the murder of Anna Lisa Raymundo depends on identifying a mysterious 911 caller, but the investigation of a homicidal sex game by a veteran detective opens the case.

Sheila Davalloo met Christos while she was studying

In the late 1970s, Davalloo moved to the United States with her family in the midst of the Iranian revolution. Both parents were health professionals. However, Davalloo married at a very tender age. She graduated in biochemistry from Stony Brook University in New York.

Davalloo met Paul Christos in her graduate school and they became involved. When Davalloo’s husband discovered that she was cheating on him, he divorced her, paving the way for Sheila and Paul to move in together. They got married in 2000.

Sheila met Nelson Sessler a year later and the two hit it off immediately. Although she married Sheila for the second time, she did not reveal anything about Paul to Nelson.

Nelson, on the other hand, was dating another co-worker, Anna. When Davalloo found out that Nelson would eventually break up with her and move in with Anna, he hatched a devious plan.

How did Sheila proceed with her plan?

The fact that Nelson wanted to move in with Anna at her apartment did not sit well with Shiela. He decided to make his way to Shiela in the most devious way.

In November 2002, Shiela entered Anna’s apartment and stabbed her multiple times. Anna also suffered blunt force trauma to the head. Thinking of a way to fool the police, she called 911 after carrying out the brutal attack and told authorities that her neighbor was being attacked by an unidentified man.

When the authorities arrived, Anna was lying dead in a pool of blood. On her call, she can be heard saying:

“I think a guy is attacking my neighbor.”

With Anna gone, it was time for Shiela to get rid of her husband, Paul. On March 22, 2003, Shiela suggested to her husband that they play a game with her in which one would be blindfolded while the other would touch them with different objects and they would have to guess which object it was.

Shiela’s final item was a knife with which she stabbed Paul multiple times and waited for him to die. After noticing that she did not die, she took him to Westchester Medical Center. She last stabbed him in the parking lot, witnessed by two bystanders. That’s when she got caught.