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Paul Christos Wiki, Biography

In March 2013, Christos agreed to play a game with Shiela Davalloo. The rules of the game were simple. Paul would be blindfolded and handcuffed to a chair, while his wife would touch him with different objects. The challenge was to guess what the object was.

Unfortunately, what Paul thought would be a harmless object-guessing game turned out to be a threat to his life. In her final turn, Davalloo stabbed Christos in various parts of her body, intending to kill him.

Luck favored him that day. He did not die. In fact, he testified against Davalloo in court. Today, he teaches and is involved in the field of research. Christos moved on with his life after divorcing Shiela and lives in Queens, New York. The chilling case will be uncovered in the latest episode of Investigation Discovery titled A Time to Kill. The episode, which will air at 10 p.m. m., is part of his Love is the Drug series.

The synopsis for the episode reads as follows:

For Connecticut police, uncovering the mystery of the murder of Anna Lisa Raymundo depends on identifying a mysterious 911 caller, but the investigation of a homicidal sex game by a veteran detective opens the case.

How Paul Christos was attacked

Paul’s wife, Shiela Davalloo, had an affair with her co-worker, Nelson Sessler. They started dating just a year after Shiela married Christos. However, the two did not know about each other.

When Nelson visited Shiela, she would make up stories to keep her marriage a secret. Sheila would tell Paul that her brother, who suffers from schizophrenia, would be visiting him and that her brother did not know that she was married.

To help Shiela hide her marriage from her brother, Christos would erase all traces of him in the house and spend time in a hotel.

the last drop Shiela couldn’t bear the fact that Nelson would one day move in with Anna. To prevent that from happening, Sheila decided to remove all obstacles that stood in her way. The first was Anna and the second was her husband Paul.

In November 2002, Shiela hatched an ingenious plan to kill Anna. She was successful and was able to save herself from being arrested. But her luck did not favor her all the time.

She aimed to get Paul out of her way this time, so she planned to play a game with him. In the game, Paul would be handcuffed and blindfolded as she touched various objects that he would have to guess. Since her marriage was already failing, Shiela suggested doing something interesting to improve it.

Instead of touching Paul with an object, Shiela stabbed him multiple times. As Paul screamed for help, Shiela watched him writhe in pain. However, after an hour she decided to take him to the ER but she again stabbed him while they were in the parking lot.

Paul was lucky to have made it out of the attack alive even though he had to undergo open heart surgery. Today, Paul is out of the relationship and has started a new life as a researcher and as a teacher.

In this statement to the court, Paul stated: At that point in our marriage, we were more like roommates. we were no longer romantic
Paul and Shiela divorced in 2004.