Who is Shanann Watts? Wiki, Biography, Age, Chris Watts’s Wife, Cause of Death, Children

Shanann Watts Wiki – Shanann Watts Biography

Shanann Watts was the late wife to Chris Watts. Their family came into the limelight in 2019 after she and her children were murdered by her husband. She was pregnant during the murder.

Christopher Watts was sentenced to life in prison for murdering his pregnant wife and two daughters, his parents claimed he was actually the one being abused in the relationship.

Shanann Watts Age

Shanann Watts’s age is unclear.

Shanann Mother’s Statement

Shanann’s mother Sandra Rzucek told police she suspects “foul play” and suspected Chris. She says he was acting weird and out of the ordinary. Rzucek added he was telling people “he has to go to work” and that just doesn’t seem right.

Shanann was wrapped in a sheet. The girls were just in their pajamas. She had returned home from a business trip on the early morning hours of August 13, 2019.

Autopsy reports for Bella and Celeste say that the necks of the children were swabbed. Even though they were in a container of oil, water, and associated sludge matter.

The children’s cause of death is “asphyxiation due to smothering.” Bella also had “Blunt force trauma. Oil water and sludge debris in the stomach.”

Nickole Atkinson

Atkinson, Shanann’s friend was first to sound the alarm. She says she dropped Shannan at 15 weeks pregnant because she not feeling well and wasn’t answering phone calls or text. They went to her house and observed her car in the garage. Police came but found no sign of Celeste Watts or Bella Marie Watts.

Shanann Watts Cause of Death

The autopsy reveals that she was strangled and the children were smothered.

Shannan Autopsy

The autopsy report reveals that Shanann ‘s cause of death was “Asphyxiation due to manual strangulation. ”In addition with “Bruising of the Anterior strap muscles of the neck.”

Chris Watts Statement

The police reports contain a conversation Chris had with his father. Chris says Shanann had killed their children so he hurt her. He admits to choking and killing Shanann out of anger. However, prosecutors maintain that Watts killed his pregnant wife and the two girls, and a jury sides with them. According to the Denver Channel.

19th Judicial District Attorney Michael Rourke says that Watts “totally and deliberately ended four lives,” smothering the girls.

The Family Next Door

Chris Watts is the subject of a new Netflix series called “American Murder: The Family Next Door.” It focuses on the murders he committed.

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The Netflix show details the deteriorating relationship between Chris and Shanann. She began suspecting her husband was having an affair and felt he was suddenly pulling away from her. a fact she spilled to numerous friends in anguished text messages.

Charges and Arrested

Watts at first told specialists he executed his pregnant spouse “in an anger” subsequent to finding she had choked their two little girls to death. He would later confess to police that he was having an extramarital illicit relationship with a colleague, before uncovering how he had arranged his significant other and kids on an oil site where he had worked at for quite a long time. Shanann was covered in a shallow grave, while Bella and Celeste were left submerged inside two oil tanks at the site.

It is difficult to comprehend why Chris submitted the fierce demonstrations. Many have considered him a beast, a maniac, or simply unadulterated underhandedness. Be that as it may, none of those portrayals truly disclose what drove him to submit murder.

Investigation Report

Thousands of documents pertaining to Watts’ family’s annihilation were released after the murder investigations were concluded. While law enforcement did their bit scouring through each and every conversation between Chris and Shanann, mainstream publications chose to gloss over most of the investigative reports, probably fearing it would make the narrative fuzzy and confusing for their viewership.

One such incident was when Shanann had a fallout with Chris’ parents after they served her children ice cream with peanut chips, despite knowing Celeste had a nut allergy. Shanann felt Chris wasn’t doing enough to confront his parents about their behavior with the children and allegedly told him to “find his b***s” so he could stand up for his family.


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