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Sean Patterson Wiki, Biography

Sean Patterson, a British man, was shot dead in Jamaica on January 2 in what local police believe to be a hitman case. The 33-year-old personal trainer from Shepherd’s Bush, West London, was found with gunshot wounds to the upper body and head in Bogue Hill, St. James, on Monday. According to local authorities, the assassination was ordered in Britain.

On January 4, Jamaica Police Deputy Commissioner Fitz Bailey stated via video statement that they have so far theorized that it was a contract killing “emanating from Britain.” Authorities also said they have arrested a man of British nationality for the same thing. Local reports previously reported that a 34-year-old man had been arrested in connection with the same.

According to the Website Definitions, contract killing is described as a type of killing where one party pays another to kill an individual or group of people on their behalf. It is an illegal agreement between two or more parties in which one of the parties agrees to kill the target in exchange for monetary or other compensation.

Timeline of events leading up to the death of Sean Patterson

Sean Patterson arrived in Jamaica from London on December 29, 2022 on a Virgin Atlantic flight. According to police, he was accompanied by another man from London.

The duo reportedly spent three days in an apartment before moving into a villa on Bogue Hill, St. James, for five nights. Sean Patterson and the other man attended a concert in Kingston, where they encountered a third man, police said. The trio was staying at the same property but in three different rooms.

On January 2, around noon, Patterson and the third man were at the property’s pool when a “lone man wearing a black hoodie” shot the first man with a handgun.

Sean Patterson was immediately rushed to the hospital, but could not be revived. There was no evidence that Patterson had been robbed or had ties to Jamaica, according to the deputy commissioner of police.

While speaking to the Daily Mail, the deceased’s mother, Lesley Wright, revealed that her son was “having the time of his life” in Jamaica and that she had family in the country on her father’s side. She also revealed that Patterson was engaged to be married this year and was looking forward to meeting his family.

“I have lost my baby. No mother should have to bury her child.”

The authorities in charge stated that the investigation of the murder case is “making significant progress” and they are looking to work with “international partners”.

According to The Gleaner newspaper, in 2022 there were 198 murders in St. James.