Lia Marie Johnson Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Boyfriend, Height, Fast Facts

Lia Marie Johnson Wiki, Biography

YouTuber Lia Marie Johnson, 26, rose to fame as a child star, particularly around the time her mother started posting videos of her singing. At the peak of her career as her creator, she was also seen in Kid’s React, which made her even more famous. However, there soon came a time when she suddenly disappeared from the internet and stopped posting on social media, leaving the world concerned.

While Lia Marie has kept her life private up until now, she recently uploaded a video to YouTube where she opened up about her “her story.” In the video, titled “This Is My Story,” Ella Lia addressed drug abuse and mental health. She explained how she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams, however, at the age of 17, she got into drinking, drug use and partying all night.

She said:

“I partyed, I filmed, I drank myself unconscious, I made music, I smoked weed beyond my limits… I experimented with drugs and love.” The YouTuber also claimed that at the age of 18 she made her first suicide attempt. The video uploaded by Marie received over 330,000 views in just one day.

“I’m going to tell you my story”: Details about Lia Marie’s life with drugs and mental health issues explored as the YouTuber addressed her absence

Lia Marie Johnson, who became a household name by appearing in big ventures like the YouTube original movie The Thinning, has finally spoken up and addressed her long absence from online spaces. In a video posted on January 5, she said:

“My story has been misconstrued, exploited, sensationalized, but now I’m going to pick up my narrative and I’m going to tell you my story.”

She went on to describe her time in Los Angeles, where she moved to pursue acting. She also opened up about an incident where her then-boyfriend tried to strangle her. However, she ended up attending group therapy, and has since recovered. Speaking about her drug addiction, she stated:

“The worst part was spending time in psychiatric wards due to drug-induced psychosis.”

Speaking about her career and her mental health, she revealed:

“My career was moving in the right direction, but I was losing control. When I was 20 years old, I was in a car accident and I’m lucky to be alive. It was a scary time that should have changed the way I was living. After that, I started to feel mentally disturbed and started to get depressed.”

Describing the same thing, she claimed that her “harmful” relationship led her to use drugs even after she got out of rehab. Also, she admitted to going to jail a few times, and that’s when she decided to sober up herself. Lia Marie also talked about the time when her boyfriend took her life, causing her to go from rehab to rehab, but they kept kicking her out due to her ‘reckless behavior’.

She concluded the video by thanking her friend Charlotte and her family who helped her stay sober even after experiencing multiple relapses. Lia Marie now lives in England with her new boyfriend, Charlie, with whom she writes, paints and makes music. According to Lia, she has been sober for over 10 months.

Netizens react to Lia’s video where she talks about her history of drugs, rehab, and her sobriety.

Social media users were moved by Lia Marie’s video where she admitted that she was on the wrong path all this time. Commenting on how proud everyone is of her, a netizen commented on the video of her and said:

“10 MONTHS!!!!! Congratulations, Lía!!! Recovery is rarely a linear process.”

Many other positive comments followed, giving Lia the motivation to stay sober for her entire life.

At the end of her video, Lia Marie also talked about being strong and giving other people hope to fight her addiction. She also left some links and contact numbers for groups and rehab centers that can be of help to other people suffering from the same problems.