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Samantha Primus Wiki, Biography

On Saturday, January 14, Samantha Primus, a deaf-mute woman who went missing three weeks ago, was located in a Manhattan subway station. She was found by her sister and two locals who recognized her.

According to Primus’s family, she was taken to Brooklyn Methodist Hospital on Saturday and is expected to be fine. The 46-year-old woman reportedly lived on subways for three weeks before her sister, Ghislaine Primus, found her.

Her family identified her location after receiving a tip that she was traveling on the 1 train. At a press conference after Samantha Primus was located safely, her sister said:

“My heart dropped, my heart dropped.”

Another sister, Sophia Primus, commented on the suffering that Samantha Primus has endured over the past three weeks, saying:

“She was wearing slippers and a pair of socks in … this cold, and she survived by jumping from one train to another, watching and waiting for her to get home. And we found her.”

Primus was found to be in a state of dehydration, weighing 10 pounds less and had swollen feet, according to her sister.

Samantha Primus’s family plans to take legal action against Queens Hospital Center

The family of a deaf, mute and autistic woman who disappeared on Christmas Eve and was found three weeks later have said they are weighing their legal options against Queens Hospital Center. Family members of Samantha Primus have claimed that she was released early from the hospital and left in sub-zero temperatures with only a list of homeless shelters.

Primus was reportedly spending the holidays at his sister Joanna Peck’s Elmont home, but left the house early on December 23, 2022. After leaving the house, he tried to find his way back to the house. from his mother in Brooklyn. However, she got lost and was found by a passerby in Queens that night.

Finding her in a desperate state, her EMS rushed her to Queens Hospital Center, but hospital staff reportedly let the deaf, nonverbal, autistic woman out at 2am. m. in sub-zero temperatures of 7 degrees with nothing but a list of homeless shelters. The family plans to take legal action against the hospital for gross negligence in the proper care of Samantha Primus and for refusing to provide them with information.

In this regard, Sophia Primus said:

“If they had done her duty, my sister would not have gone through these terrible three weeks in the cold. An apology will never be enough. We wonder whose hearts and heads work in this hospital.”

Samantha Primus’s family attorney, Sanford Rubenstein, said:

“If the Nassau County Police report is accurate, then clearly this hospital was not only negligent but ruthless, and legal action will be taken accordingly. The city must be held accountable for the actions of those who work for them at their hospitals.” .
However, New York City Health & Hospitals stated in a statement to The Post that complying with HIPAA regulations means not divulging details about a patient without the person’s consent.