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Rudy Peña will never be forgotten. The 23-year-old criminal justice senior medical assistant was one of eight people who died during the mass casualty event at the Travis Scott Astroworld Festival in Houston on Friday.

One day after the tragedy, Peña’s brother-in-law Sergio González tells PEOPLE (translated into English) that his family wants answers and justice after losing his wife’s little brother. “We learned the worst way. We found out around 12:30 last night from a friend of Rudy’s who was with him who had just passed out,” explains González. “It wasn’t until this afternoon that we found out that he had died.”

Rudy Peña Age

Rudy Peña was 23 years old.

Rudy Peña Cause of Death

The youngest of five siblings, Peña’s mother, who is originally from Durango, Mexico, is obviously heartbroken about losing her baby. “This afternoon, Rudy’s mother found out that she had died. She was so distraught. Her pain was immense. She was screaming, crying. We had to give her a sedative and she barely went to sleep,” says Gonzalez. “She believes that he is still alive and that she is waiting for him and that she will come home. She keeps saying that she has to get home because he is coming. You can only imagine.”

According to González, Peña was a music lover who attended the concert at NRG Park with friends, and while no one expects to suffer such devastation during a night out, González believes the eight deaths could have been prevented.

“We are so mad. There are always so many concerts and they are always great, but you never imagine there will be a tragedy. You never go to a concert and think you are going to die. You pay for your ticket, go to a concert, have fun and go home, You will never think that you will go through something like this, “he says. “I’m really angry … If there’s a crowd of people gathered outside, why wasn’t there more control? That’s where my anger comes from.”

“In Mexico, you go to a stadium and there are police with weapons and armor in case something happens since there are so many people,” adds González. “How were they going to control such a large crowd?” As the Texas investigation continues to unfold, Peña is now remembered as a calming, sweet, and playful presence by his loved ones.

“Rudy was studying criminal justice at Laredo College. He was a young man who had a clean record. He was well behaved and loved sports. Of his 5 siblings, he was the quietest. He worked as a medical assistant in a rehabilitation center. At the clinic. He played soccer in high school. He always hung out with his friends. He was the youngest of 5 siblings. He was the calmest, the most playful, the sweetest of all. He was the most spoiled, since He was the youngest. I have been with my wife since before he was born and it hurts a lot ”, remembers González.

As mentioned in their social media posts, Scott’s team has reached out to the Peña family to cover the costs of the funeral, but Gonzalez says he has brought little comfort. We heard from Travis’s team. They are trying to cover medical and funeral costs. It’s not that we don’t need the money, but we want justice. I want my brother-in-law back. I want my loved one to come back, “González shares.

“Someone has to be found guilty. Who is guilty? They are going to pay the funeral fees, a pittance (a pittance), my brother-in-law was worth more than that,” he continues. Still, more questions remain for González and the rest of the Peña family.

“We haven’t even been able to see his body. There are more questions in the air than there are answers. How did this happen?” González asks. “We literally don’t know how he died. What were the circumstances?” His family has created a GoFundMe page in honor of Rodolfo Peña.

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