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Richard Molloy, collapsed and died early Saturday, while pals Aaron Callaghan and Declan Carson were put in medically induced comas in a hospital in Bodrum, according to the Times of London.

Callaghan updated friends Wednesday that the pair were now “safe and back up on our feet” but “absolutely gutted” at the “tragic passing of big Richie,” calling him an “absolute gentleman.”

The former soccer player gave no detail on what caused the tragedy, but police say the trio fell ill after drinking and mixing drugs and alcohol, the UK Times said.

Officers are now trying to trace the dentist who prescribed them the dental medication, the Belfast Telegraph said. Officials did not identify which meds the men were prescribed.

Richard Molloy Age

Richard Molloy was 33 years old.

Cause of Death

“Apparently, they were given premeds for their dental treatment and told not to drink alcohol. No one knows what happened after that,” one friend told the Irish Daily Mail.

Two men have been arrested as part of the investigation, the UK Times said, with no further details on their possible involvement.

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Because it’s much cheaper to get major work done there, Turkey has become one of the world’s most popular destinations for dental tourism — with about 700,000 visitors a year, the reports said, citing the Istanbul International Health Tourism Association.

The men arrived on Thursday and fell ill after partying on their second night there, according to the UK Times.

North Belfast MP John Finucane described the incident as “absolutely heartbreaking” and said it had affected “three fit and healthy young lads,” The Sun said.

Molloy’s family flew to Turkey and are expected to bring his body back to Northern Ireland by the end of the week, the reports said.

A British man died and his two friends were left in comas during a trip to Turkey to get their teeth whitened on the cheap — possibly after boozing while on dental medication, according to reports.


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