How Does Profile View History Work On Tiktok? Here Is A Step By Step Guide On How To Use The Feature

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The profile view history on TikTok is back and the customers are generally more energetic than ever in recent memory.TikTok is known for presenting new and never-before-tried highlights on the application, hiding it from the public. It was known for the pinnacle of profile display history, which served as its trademark for a long time.

Notwithstanding, in the middle, it was bafflingly removed and individuals had previously ignored it until it came back recently.

How does profile view history work on Tiktok? Do you ever wonder who as a virtual entertainment client is actually shooting and posting pictures of yourself?

The famous default applications don’t allow it yet TikTok once made a buzz to allow its customers to find out who was constantly seeing their profile.

This part is a really decent one as it introduces you to people stomping all over them. But again, customers who used to watch their pounds can no longer do it. Therefore, you could say that the part is both a taunt and a hiding place for the TikTokers.

When a viewer visits a profile, a message goes to the owner of the record with the stalker’s name. It is certainly terrible information for the die-hard stalkers on the internet.

For example; in the event that you are an obnoxious kind of person who prefers the existence of individuals that you might miss through online entertainment, you should be extra wary at this point, in light of the fact that my companion, Tiktok is one step ahead this time.

How to enable and disable profile view history in TikTok app? Currently, there is some encouraging news for the prowlers, you can actually disable the element on your profile so that when you visit someone’s TikTok account, they don’t get notified about it. Nevertheless, the terrible news is that even you don’t realize whoever visits your profile.

To disable it, you need to follow its progress.

Step 1: You need to open your TikTok profile

Step 2: Proceed to the three dots which are in the top right corner.

Step 3: Click the eye button

Step 4: Find the ‘turn off profile view history’ option and click on turn off. If it’s disabled and you want the feature, search for “enable profile view history” and enable it.

These simple steps should help you get or get rid of the feature.

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