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There are numerous hypotheses about the purpose of using a cane by Geraldo Rivera and one of those reports is that he has MS. In any case, these are just stories, and there is no evidence to help these cases.

We should know more about the statement that Geraldo uses a stick. He is known for a number of things in light of his contribution in various fields; he is known as a writer, writer, political observer, etc. There is a fan base who mainly follow him for his perspectives on the current political situation.

Many people probably don’t realize that he comes from a respectable family and that his persistent effort has led to the gargantuan achievement he now has. His father, Cruz “Allen” Rivera, was a cab driver and his mother, Lillian, was a cafe worker.

Does Geraldo Rivera have MS? Medical Problem Individuals may have heard gossip saying Geraldo has MS; nevertheless, these are totally bizarre cases. There is no evidence to help the way he experiences multiple sclerosis (MS).

MS is a non-obvious constant disease that affects the focal sensory system. This infection occurs when the resistant framework attacks nerve strands and myelin sheaths in the cerebrum and spinal cord.

There does not appear to be any of these side effects, and neither Geraldo has freely stated that he is determined to have this disease. In this way, these cases are totally unjustifiable at the moment and cannot be relied upon.

Why does Geraldo use a walking stick? Geraldo has never been clear about the statement that he uses a stick. Nevertheless, it was almost certainly a result of an accident that occurred during his medical procedure in 2010, according to Distractify.

His right leg is known to have been severely affected by a medical procedure and as a result, he was limited in many proactive tasks. In addition, he sued the clinic at the time, but the clinic denied any bad behavior for the situation.

Despite his actual limit, there is no impact whatsoever in his main article. He has discovered how to highlight an extraordinary number of individuals in relation to individuals and motivate them to take their positions on legislative issues.

Geraldo Rivera Wife and Net worth Geraldo’s better half is Erica Michelle Levy. Including Erica, he has been linked multiple times and his four relationships ended separately. He married Erica in 2003 and the couple is extremely happy with the marriage in every way.

He has a little girl with Erica. From his fourth marriage to Cynthia Cruickshank, he has a little girl Simone Cruickshank. In this way you could say that he did not have an incredible love life.

It has been estimated that he is worth around $20 million, which is not unexpected considering the way he is an exceptionally famous and prolific columnist and creator.


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