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Pierre Lipton, of Providence, Rhode Island, completed the Meza Marathon in 3 hours, 10 minutes, and 5 seconds on February 4, just 15 minutes before his girlfriend and ‘love of his life’ Eleanor Pereboom. A 26-year-old Brown graduate, who was named in Forbes 30 Under 30 for his newsletter company 1440 Media, collapsed and died after completing an Arizona marathon.

Within those 15 minutes, where she assumed her boyfriend was celebrating his newest achievement, he had actually collapsed into a paramedic’s arms just moments after crossing the finish line from an unknown cause, which may have been a heart condition caused by electrolyte imbalance.

After chugging a bottle of water, Pereboom had gone to find Lipton and texted him to ask where he was. When he didn’t respond, she called him. When that went unanswered, she used a phone tracker to see where he was and was terrified to find his location to be at a hospital.

‘That’s when I started to get worried,’ she told the Boston Globe. She raced to find an official to talk to, who informed her that he ‘basically fell right into the arms of paramedics.’ ‘They tried to do CPR. They tried everything. We still don’t know what happened,’ Pereboom said.

Lipton’s father, Jordan Lipton, who is an emergency medicine specialist, theorized that his son’s body had a ‘sudden electrolyte imbalance that caused arrhythmia’ – a medical condition that causes an irregular heartbeat. Although his actual cause of death is currently unknown, Jordan said his son was ‘healthy’ and ‘took such good care of himself.’

The avid runner – who had a dream of completing every major marathon – avoided alcohol and caffeine while training and made sure to ‘shake out his arms, relax his shoulders, check his form, and make sure he had a smile on his face’ every mile, his family and girlfriend said.

Even the running conditions were good on February 4, with temperatures ranging between 49 and 69 degrees. Lipton showed no sign of distress or illness before collapsing.

He kissed Pereboom at the starting line, and even appeared relaxed and ready to go for a few more miles when he crossed the finish line after completing 26.2 miles. It was just moments later that the Brown graduate, who studied economics and Middle Eastern studies, would collapse and be rushed to the hospital.

Lipton wasn’t always a runner, but had enjoyed sports and movement, especially soccer, his whole life. He dreamed of playing on the national Tonga team – the South Pacific country where his mother was born. However, after he suffered an eye injury, he began running alongside Pereboom and it became their ‘lifestyle’ after they caught the ‘bug.’

‘He has always loved movement and exercise. He needed to be doing something,’ Pereboom said. They decided to run in the Providence Half Marathon in May 2022 despite thinking it ‘sounded hard.’ ‘But we will do it together,’ Pereboom said. ‘We did everything together.’

They became close with the running community in Providence and would often be seen at Narragansett Beer’s brewery on Wednesday nights, joining the Gansett Run Club, and took part in the night track workouts at Hope High School on Tuesdays. Pereboom said that no matter how hard the training got, her boyfriend always had a smile on his face.

His family now remembers him for his love of traveling and his intelligence. The Brown graduate spoke three languages – English, Spanish, and Arabic – and was learning Italian for an upcoming trip in May. He also liked to build things with Legos and also enjoyed building new business ventures.

Lipton had been named in Forbes 30 Under 30 for 1440 Media – a daily emailed newsletter of ‘unbiased’ news that was named after the year the printing press was invented and the number of minutes in a day, according to the Boston Globe.

The Chicago-based newsletter has more than 2million subscribers. Lipton founded it in 2018 with Venture Capitalist Tim Huelskamp and Capitol Hill Scientist Andrew Steigerwald. ‘We are pretty sure he was going to win a Nobel Prize,’ his father said. ‘Pierre believed in truth, always. He lived his life that way — honest, truthful, and kind.’

‘He never did anything less than 100 percent,’ Pereboom said. Jordan said his son had always thought there was too much polarization happening in the media and had created the newsletter as a way to give people just the facts.

‘He wanted to get rid of fake news,’ Jordan told the Boston Globe. ‘He thought they could provide more objective news that states the facts and allows people, who live next door to each other and might have nothing in common, to come together.’

Lipton had often spent his time in high school doing just that. He volunteered in Panama, teaching orphans English and math. In college, he created a company, VitaLives, that aimed at reducing malnutrition and vitamin deficiency, the Globe reported.

He even donated his organs after death. His sister, Adelina Lipton, also said her brother was her go-to person for ‘advice’ and that he ‘would be the first to call and talk everything over.’ When her dog was in the hospital, she recalled her brother ‘talking to me for hours.’

Throughout the pandemic, Pereboom and Lipton fostered dogs and eventually adopted one named Appa – after the Avatar: The Last Airbender character. His mother, Professor Siu Challons-Lipton, also said her son ‘lived life to the fullest in every way.’

As for the ‘love of his life,’ Pereboom will forever remember their first date, which is called the ‘weirdest first date, but also perfect.’ Lipton had asked her to go to Trader Joe’s with him to buy a bunch of snacks and then eat them by the water.

‘We bought every single snack with an animal theme. We went to Save the Bay and sat on the rocks for I don’t know how long. It was dark by the time we left. We kept talking, and he kept thinking of more incredible things to do together. ‘He didn’t want to just be on campus like everybody else,’ she recalled.

His family has started a GoFundMe for charitable contributions and said a philanthropic organization will be set up in his honor to help those facing food insecurity, and provide environmental protection and restoration, physical activity programs for the underprivileged, and help animal welfare.

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