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Paul Kemsley is an English businessman. He is best known as a property developer, for recurring appearances on the American reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and to sports fans as a former vice president of the Premier League soccer club Tottenham Hotspur, and as president of the revived New York Cosmos.

Kemsley dropped out of school in 1984, at the age of 17, and began working at Gross Fine as a junior surveyor. Then, from 1985 to 1992, Kemsley worked as an agent at commercial real estate firm Ross Jaye. In 1992, he decided to leave and join his old friend Ashley on Sports Direct, where he helped expand the group.

In 1995 Kemsley wanted to start his own business and set up a property and securities company with “the £ 1,800 left in his pocket.” It was Rock Joint Ventures Ltd, formed with Joe Lewis of ENIC Group, a British investment company, and the president of the Spurs, Daniel Levy. Rock was a commercial and residential property developer and investor, but he specialized in land trading. He also had a private hedge fund that specialized in acquiring strategic stakes in public companies, the best known being his 28% stake in Countryside Properties plc in 2004, which he sold to the president for a profit of £ 12 million.

Kemsley had been a director of the Spurs since 2001 and vice president of the club at the time of his departure in 2007. He had helped the club achieve a healthy financial position. Levy announced that Kemsley was resigning to focus on his real estate interests.

In 2007, Rock’s portfolio of properties was valued at 750 million pounds. Lewis parted ways with the company around this time. He established a joint venture with HBOS to build a £ 1 billion property portfolio. However, in the aftermath of the 2007-2010 financial crisis, Rock took over management in June 2009, ending Kemsley’s involvement. Trustee PwC began selling off the major properties in the portfolio, which included Selhurst Park, in October 2009. HBOS lost hundreds of millions of pounds and Peter Cummings, the banker who had promoted the joint investments in Kemsley’s portfolio, was fined £ 500,000 by the FSA in 2012.

Kemsley is known as a close friend of Mike Ashley, David Pearl, Sir Philip Green, and Lord Sugar. It was through his friendship with Sugar that Kemsley participated in the purchase of a majority stake in Tottenham Hotspur by ENIC / Levy. Kemsley later appeared as one of Lord Sugar’s interviewers/advisers on the British edition of The Apprentice of the BBC from 2005 to 2008.


Dorit Kemsley is the mother of two children: a 7-year-old son, Jagger, and a 5-year-old daughter, Phoenix. Dorit loves being a mother and in a phone interview with BravoTV, she revealed that she would have 10 children if she went for him. “I could tell you that I love being a mother more than anything. Love. I think if I was younger or if I had started earlier, maybe. I think time goes by and I think at one point it was if it was meant to be, it will be. And It will happen. I think a lot of people too, because I’ve talked about it with friends and family, and, you know, I would have 10 children, “he said.

“I really. I love them so much and it’s so much fun being a mom. And there are really rewarding moments. I’ve had both sides. The ones that say, ‘Listen, you have a boy and a girl and you’re blessed and so on, and you’re very busy.’ And then others who say, “Your kids are so cute. You have to go for it. You have to have more kids. “I’m on both sides. I think if I was a little younger, I probably would,” said the glamorous housewife. Kemsley contacted police after the intruders left her home with her jewelry and handbags, according to a DailyMail report. She also called her husband PK Kemsley, who was in London at the time.

Dorit Kemsley robbed at gunpoint while asleep at home

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley, 45, was detained at gunpoint and robbed Wednesday night during an invasion of her Encino Hills home while her children, 7 and 5, were in home. Three men broke into the residence shortly before 11 p.m. PT while she was sleeping, a source close to Kemsley told DailyMail.com. Kemsley had just returned from a trip to London, where she attended her nephew’s wedding Tuesday night alongside her husband, PK Kemsley.

PK was still abroad at the time of the attack and is now heading back to California to be with his wife, who is said to have been “traumatized” by the incident. The source said Kemsley’s sole objective during the invasion was to protect her children. The unknown intruders entered the house around 10.50 pm, breaking the door of the children’s classroom.

Two of the suspects entered Kemsley’s bedroom while she was sleeping. She woke up to them standing at the end of her bed. She grabbed her as she begged, ‘Don’t hurt my babies. Do not kill me. I’m a mother ‘. To which one of the men replied, ‘Kill her.’ The intruders proceeded to loot the home for about 20 minutes, stealing all of Kemsley’s jewelry and bags.

They did not enter her children’s bedrooms and no one was injured during the incident. After the intruders left, Kemsley contacted the police and her husband, who was in London at the time. Los Angeles police said the identity of the suspects and the value of the stolen property are unknown. The Robbery and Homicide Division is investigating.

Erika Jayne, Lisa Rinna and Teddi Mellencamp, fellow cast members of RHOBH from Kemsley, have joined her after learning of her theft. The group was photographed arriving at her home Thursday, hours after the 20-minute burglary ordeal. Jayne was seen looking towards Kemsley’s house upon arrival, while Rinna and Mellencamp arrived shortly after.

Kyle Richards also arrived later that day. The fellow RHOBH co-stars Garcelle Beauvais, Kathy Hilton, Sutton Stracke and Crystal Kung Minkoff were not seen. Earlier Thursday, Kemsley’s assistant was seen walking in a hoodie alongside an unidentified blonde. The reality star seemed to be on her phone and she kept her head down as she walked.

It is unclear where the pair were headed. Meanwhile, RHOBH was scheduled to begin filming on Thursday. Now there is a question mark as to whether Kemlsey will go ahead with the current production schedule. Kemsley first joined the cast of RHOBH in 2016 after moving to Los Angeles the year before. The Connecticut native gained fame in the late 2000s after moving to New York City and launching her swimwear line, Dorit International. Kemsley’s brand focused on providing consumers with high-quality, comfortable and fashionable swimwear.

In 2017, she launched Beverly Beach, an affordable swimwear line made in Los Angeles. Two years later, the brand expanded to include sportswear and other accessories. Kemsley met PK while living in New York. The couple share two children, a 7-year-old son, Jagger, and a daughter, 5-year-old Phoenix. PK and Kemsley attempted to sell their luxurious $ 6.5 million Encino mansion in September 2020, just months after moving in.

The couple had listed the sleek, modern farmhouse, located in an elite area of ​​the Valley, for a whopping $ 9.495 million with the help of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles realtor David Parnes. The couple wanted to sell their home because “they were going to run their business from home,” a source told DailyMailTV at the time. Jagger and Phoenix were also being homeschooled, so the Kemsleys were ‘looking for a larger property that is designed for this new COVID world that we find ourselves in.’

The home’s impressive interior features an open floor plan, lots of natural light, and what Kemsley once called her ‘dream kitchen’. The house also has ample outdoor space. The quaint backyard features a cushioned set of patio furniture and a row of loungers arranged around an inviting pool. Along with the pristine in-ground pool, the backyard features a complete playhouse, including a tunnel slide and bars for the kids.

At the other end of the outdoor space there is even a basketball court, perfect for getting some exercise in the midst of social isolation. For entertaining, the patio has a high-end grill and cookout space and plenty of seating under a covered patio.

There is also a covered outdoor living room with a mounted television. In a video previously posted on social media, Kemsley said that the heart of the house was her happy place. “Definitely my favorite room in the house … our kitchen,” she gushed. I would say that it is the kitchen of my dreams. It is where we eat. The kids will watch TV or hang out while I cook. It’s where the magic happens, ” the reality star said at the time. The gourmet space features an island with a stone top and a bar that separates the kitchen from another living room.

Next to the kitchen is a cozy dining table located in an alcove with plenty of natural light thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows. The master suite has a stunning courtyard view and is decorated in pops of vibrant emerald green along with a large black and white photo of Kemsley and PK. Modern bathrooms made of black and white marble give the home a spa feel, not to mention the deep soaking tub in the master bathroom. Kemsley and PK bought the house in August 2019 for $ 6.475 million while trying to sell their mansion overlooking Beverly Hills.

The Beverly Hills property, dubbed Villa Dawn, was first listed in 2017 for $ 12.75 million after the couple bought it in 2016 for $ 6.565 million.

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