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Who is Jessica Scott? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Accused of taping a mask

Jessica Scott Wiki – Jessica Scott Biography

Jessica Scott, who goes by the profile name “Berry Johnson” on Facebook and has Black Lives Matter and liberal talking points plastered all over her social media profile, previously tried to get an eighth-grader to wear a mask with the Pride flag. . At that time, the student refused. A special needs teacher has been accused of taping a mask around the face of a 13-year-old student at McNeel High School in Beloit, Wisconsin. The boy’s parents now claim that the police have refused to prosecute the teacher.

The latest incident took place on Tuesday, October 26, during the boy’s second trimester reading. The boy’s father, Brock Conner, told Gateway Pundit: “He sat down and got ready to start the teacher’s lesson and was knocked down with a mask, just exposing his nose. He told her to put the mask on and said that he would put it on a moment later because he was holding his breath. He asked her to put it back on and he replied the same. “Some teachers who have been controversial headlines in the recent past include Scott Grigoletto, Leah Kinyon, Jenny Gillis, and Aurora Preston.

Jessica Scott Accused of taping a mask

Conner claimed that the teacher allegedly grabbed a roll of tape and began wrapping it around his son’s head. “My son said he put the tape around his head about five times,” Conner said. “The other teacher was in the room when it happened and he yelled at the other teacher, saying ‘what are you doing? This should not be done to the student! That’s wrong ‘”. However, the second master was unable to intervene and stop Scott’s actions.

At one point the student protested asking the teacher to leave the classroom so that he could call his parents. His request was denied and when Conner’s son still tried to get up and leave, the teacher closed the door and blocked his way. “They never called me. I never received an email. Nothing from the school about the situation, ”Conner said. “I only found out after my son came home the same day.” Conner said his son ripped the tape and still had red marks on his neck even when he got home, even though the incident took place early in the morning during his second period.

According to Conner, it wasn’t the first time Scott had bullied his son this school year. “Earlier this year, he played roulette at school, and Scott messed with it too.” Conner claimed the teacher “took it” from her son and “claimed he was not following the school code.” Scott allegedly told him to put on the gay pride mask that she had given him. She allegedly told him that “if he didn’t use it, he would be detained, but he refused to use it.”

He picked up the mask, walked over to the trash, and threw it away. “Conner also didn’t get a call from the school about the case, despite the fact that every time a teacher threatens to call his parents, he tells her to do so. After the latest incident, Conner called the Beloit Police Department to file a report and accuse the teacher of assaulting his son. When Conner said that he wanted to prosecute the teacher for the assault, the officer told him that “there was no criminal activity.” place.

When the officer spoke to the teacher before meeting Conner, she claimed that she had only given him a small piece of tape. “So, I asked the officer that if my son had removed the tape from his face and put it on his face, my son would have been arrested, right?” Conner explained. The officer reportedly confirmed that his son had been arrested. “What’s the difference? There aren’t any,” Conner replied.

Conner also called the school to try to get more information about the incident, but they refused to speak to him. “When I called there that day, they acted like they didn’t know anything after the incident. So, I called this morning and said, ‘No, I want to talk to someone now about what happened to my son,’ “he said.” He hung up and I heard him talking to someone in the background. When he returned to the call, he said the conversation was over and interrupted my call. ”

The official Proud Boys of Wisconsin branch will protest at the school’s government building on November 5. “Wisconsin Proud Boys supports all parents of a political position or background who feel they have the right to protect their children,” the group’s spokeswoman said. . “Vaccine or not. Trump or Biden. Black or white. It doesn’t matter. This is a key issue that we should agree on.

The teacher abused the child and no parent will tolerate it. We will not let it go unnoticed. We plan to provide safety and general support to the victim’s family and anyone who wishes to attend the event. Everyone should be able to unite on this issue. Join us on Friday, November 5th. ”

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