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Many netizens believe that Song Hye-kyo’s recent drama The Glory acted as a catalyst in popular Thai actor Ohm Pawat’s recent apology for bullying his former schoolmates.

The Glory, written by Kim Eun-sook, stars Song Hye-kyo in the lead role of Moon Dong-eun, who hatches an elaborate revenge plan against her high school bullies to avenge all the trauma she suffered. The show has been trending in Netflix’s Global Top 10 ranking and has won praise all over the world.

The Glory effect? Thai actor Ohm Pawat apologizes for past bullying scandal

Ohm Pawat, also known as Pawat Chittsawangdee, was born on March 22, 2000. He made his acting debut in 2016 as Frame in the drama Make it Right. However, he gained worldwide popularity in 2021 with the drama BL (Boy Love) Bad Buddy, where he played the lead Napat Pat Jindapat opposite Korapat Kirdpan.

Earlier this year, former school friends of Ohm Pawat took to social media and revealed how the Bad Buddy actor bullied them back in his school days. Initially ignoring the matter, Ohm Pawat took to social media on Sunday, January 8, to issue a detailed statement in which he apologized for his past behavior and days of bullying by him.

According to the allegations, Ohm Pawat taunted an autistic boy at his old school, taunted girls and drenched a boy by throwing soft drinks at them.

Nearly a week after the allegations surfaced online, Ohm Pawat took to his social media account to apologize to his former schoolmates, explaining that they were just “jokes” and that he did not understand the severity of the situation at the time.

He also apologized to the victim’s parents for causing them trauma. K-pop fans have credited Song Hye-kyo’s drama The Glory for this statement by Ohm Pawat. Fans believe that the Thai actor was influenced by the theme of the drama and apologized before it was too late.

Netizens believe The Glory acted as a catalyst in the Ohm Pawat case

The popular Korean drama The Glory is about school violence, bullying, bullying, capitalism, class divide, domestic abuse, substance abuse, mental health, and revenge at its core.

In the drama, Mon Dong-eun returns to the life of her bully, Park Yeon-jin, to wreak havoc and make her pay for all the trauma he put her through in high school. K-drama fans felt the series was instrumental in getting Ohm Pawat to issue a quick apology before the matter got out of hand and further tarnished his image.

By the way, The Glory was the most watched series on Netflix during the first week of January. Allegations against Ohm Pawat began to surface after the series gained traction in Thailand. Fans felt that victims were inspired by Song Hye-kyo’s show to publicly denounce his harassers.

Fans began showing off “Thai The Glory” on Twitter, where victims came forward to narrate their stories of bullying and the trauma they faced.

Ohm Pawat is not the only Thai actor accused of being a bully. Another Thai actor, Gulf Kanawut, known for his role as Type in TharnType: The Series, has also been accused of bullying, and fans are hoping the actor will take inspiration from the revenge thriller series and apologize to his victims if it is so. he guilty of being a school bully.

The Glory will broadcast its second part in March 2023

Song Hye-kyo’s The Glory, which premiered its first installment on December 30, 2022, has become the most-watched non-English-language drama on Netflix with 82.48 million hours watched this week alone.

The last episode of the first season ended with Park Yeon-jin discovering Moon Dong-eun’s apartment right across the street from her sprawling bungalow. She was shocked to find out that photos of her and her gang of stalkers were pasted on her walls, proving that the revenge plan was long in the making.

The women fight in Moon Dong-eun’s apartment, and the series ends there, leaving room for some high-intensity drama in the second installment of the series, scheduled to air sometime in March 2023.