April Jayne Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Height, Net Worth, Fast Facts

April Jayne Wiki, Biography

TLC’s new series, MILF Manor 2023, will feature April Jayne and seven other women when it premieres on Sunday, January 15, 2023 at 10 p.m. m. ET on the channel. The show revolves around eight strong-willed and self-sufficient women who leave their homes to search for love in a tropical paradise.

Who is April Jayne from MILF Manor 2023?

April Jayne is a 59-year-old personal trainer from Los Angeles who will debut at MILF Manor 2023. According to her website, in addition to being a personal trainer, April is also an actress, model, and singer. She has toured across the country with her “buzz single”, The bigger they get, the harder it is to fall for them in the early days of her career. April has been featured in multiple TV shows, commercials, music videos, and has also graced the cover of fitness and swimsuit magazines.

Jayne’s website also states that she loves performing with her band, April Jayne And The Players. She loves to walk, travel and spend time with her children.

Her website adds that one of her missions and passions in her life is helping people live their “best life through diet, exercise and meditation.”

April Jayne is an anti-social activist, broadcaster and fitness aficionado.

April is an avid supporter of youth development and continues to inspire and help those around her through small initiatives alongside her friends.

Every year, she hosts a toy drive and wrapping event where she helps foster children receive gifts, which are unwrapped, unused toys. She goes out of her way to help young children and believes in spreading love and joy, and helping those in need.

The mother of 3 is a dedicated and enthusiastic fitness instructor who likes to provide fitness tips to her followers and fans and also promotes yoga.

April has lent her voice to multiple platforms in different fields ranging from entertainment to corporate bodies. She is also the lead singer in her band, April Jayne And The Players, and continues to play shows in Los Angeles.

The website bio of her says that she loves voice acting and, for years, she has been filming corporate commercials, documentaries, audiobooks and industrials.

April Jayne will debut at MILF Manor 2023

April, who will be performing alongside seven other women in the 40-60 age group, is ready for her upcoming debut.

The show’s theme has eight ladies who are asked to put their extensive dating history to good use as they search for love among younger men. The younger men in the series must try to prove that they are prepared to get serious with the stars of MILF Manor while the women manage their romantic relationships.

Each episode will feature a series of challenges that will prove whether a relationship is real or has reached a point where the duo will give up. As the young men try to establish their willingness to commit to the ladies of MILF Manor, tensions inevitably wax and wane.

Produced by Entertainment One (eOne) and Spun Gold, MILF Manor will premiere on Sunday, January 15, 2023 at 10 p.m. m. ET on TLC and will be streamable on Discovery+.