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Who is Nikcole Cunningham? Wiki, Biography, Age, White men are ‘serial killers’

Nikcole Cunningham Wiki – Nikcole Cunningham Biography

Nikcole Cunningham, who is part of the California city’s 15-person Black Reparations Advisory Committee, launched the barrage against straight white men in an interview with The Daily Telegraph. A member of the San Francisco slavery reparations committee criticized straight white men as a “danger to society” and claimed that “white supremacy is ingrained in the DNA” of the United States.

“Straight white men are abusive. Straight white men are serial killers,” Cunningham told the news outlet. “They have the most, I watch these shows, the most serial killers. Straight white men are the ones shooting up schools, right?

Nikcole Cunningham Says White men are ‘serial killers’

“So they are a danger to society,” he said, adding: “Not all.” Cunningham also stated that “white supremacy is ingrained in the DNA of this country and definitely in this city.”

The committee, which was established in 2020 to advise officials on how to address discrimination, seeks to award each eligible black resident $5 million in slavery reparations.

Cunningham told the Telegraph that whites should be held accountable for the actions of slaveholders, as they “still benefit from the damage that… [their] ancestors caused.” He criticized the white men for not backing the repairs.

“They are not doing that. So, in any case, they represent more harm than support and help. And then you have to remember their ancestors…they’re the ones who were standing here on their Sunday best watching black people hang and burn,” Cunningham told the outlet.

“So until white people also stand up to their ancestry and make peace with them, say, I want to be the change,” added Cunningham, who was reportedly named to the committee because she is suing the city, her former employer, for discrimination

She alleges that she was targeted because she has a disability, according to the outlet. Critics responded to her comments by saying that she was being hypocritical. “Bigotry of any kind is unacceptable,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another added: “It’s pretty disgusting to hear these people spew racism like white men are no good. There are good and bad people of all skin colors. “This is racism at its finest and seriously offensive,” a third Twitter user wrote. Last week, the reparations task force gave lawmakers its preliminary report.

Under its eligibility requirements for the money, residents must be over the age of 18, identify as Black for at least 10 years, and meet at least two of eight tests, including being a descendant of slaves or having been “imprisoned for the failed War.” Against Drugs”, the outlet said.

The draft report reportedly cites other groups that have received similar payments, including Japanese Americans interned during World War II and Holocaust victims. In addition to the San Francisco repair committee, Gov. Gavin Newsom created a California-wide task force for similar purposes, according to the outlet.

Cunningham compared the amount of the reparations to the more than $100 billion President Biden has given Ukraine since the invasion of Russia. “No one asked us, ‘Hey Nikcole, can we send this money to Ukraine?’ They just found the money and sent it,” she told the Telegraph.

Cunningham’s inflammatory comments are likely to inflame tensions between supporters and skeptics of the reparations plan, the outlet noted.

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