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Who is Nasro Abukar Ali? Niece of Somali official Khadijo Aden Dahir who went viral after dismal performance in FISU

Somali games official Khadijo Aden Dahir suspended for nepotism after amateur sprinter Nasro Abukar Ali‘s questionable raceNasro Abukar Ali acquired consideration for her sluggish presentation in the FISU Summer World College Games. Ali’s race brought up issues about Somali games authorities’ capability and the determination proces

A Somali games official, Khadijo Aden Dahir, has been suspended for nepotism after a viral video showed an evident beginner sprinter, Nasro Abukar Ali, contending in a global race.

The video, broadly coursed via virtual entertainment, showed Ali lingering a long ways behind different sprinters in the ladies’ 100-meter race at the Global College Sports League’s (FISU) Summer World College Games in China. The episode provoked shock and calls for responsibility in Somali games.

Who is Nasro Abukar Ali?

Nasro Abukar Ali is a fledgling sprinter from Somalia who acquired consideration for her presentation in the ladies’ 100-meter race at the FISU Summer World College Games in China. The viral video of her apparently undeveloped and slow exhibition started analysis and worry about the determination cycle for addressing the country in global rivalries.

Ali’s presentation in the race brought up issues about the ability of Somali games authorities and the models for choosing competitors to address the country. The video got huge consideration via online entertainment, with many communicating skepticism and mocking over her cooperation in such a lofty occasion.

Following the contention, Khadijo Aden Dahir, the executive of the Somali Games Organization, was suspended by the Service of Youth and Sports of Somalia. The suspension came after charges of “demonstrations of maltreatment of force, nepotism, and criticizing the name of the country in global field.” Be that as it may, there was no immediate connection made among Dahir and Ali in the letter tending to the Somali Public Olympic Panel.

The Service of Youth and Sports uncovered that an examination found no enlisted Somali College Sports Affiliation, stirring up misgivings about the authenticity of Ali’s support in the occasion. The service communicated its expectation to seek after legitimate activity against those answerable for the misrepresentation of the affiliation and against the Executive of the Games League of Somalia.

The episode happened during the continuous Summer World College Games held in Chengdu, southwestern China. The debate encompassing Ali’s support has raised worries about the trustworthiness and straightforwardness of the games choice cycle in Somalia.

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